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Guest Post | Before I Trust You – Daisy White

Author Daisy White talks about writing her Ruby Baker Mysteries – ‘an amazing experience.’ Her third book in the series, Before I Trust You, is out now!

The Book

Do you love gripping mysteries? Then discover Ruby Baker, a young woman with a talent for uncovering the truth.

Rita Stonehill runs in front of the horses on a sunny day at Brighton racecourse. Why did she kill herself and is there more to it than meets the eye?

Ruby Baker is shocked to witness this dramatic event. Rita’s brother thinks she was murdered, but there’s no evidence to suggest that.
It seems like an open-and-shut case of suicide, but as a sordid love triangle emerges, is there more to it than that?
Ruby plunges into the glamorous world of horse racing to discover the truth. This is her most dangerous case yet and Rita’s death strikes very close to home for Ruby.

And then Ruby’s best friend Mary experiences a very shocking event . . .

Discover a gripping new mystery writer today. Great for fans of Agatha Christie or LJ Ross.

This is the third book in a mystery series set in 1960s Brighton, a tumultuous time of change and opportunity.

#1: Before I Left
#2: Before I Found You
#3: Before I Trust You

Writing a Mystery Series

by Daisy White

Writing The Ruby Baker Mysteries has been an amazing experience, and I often speak at writing groups or book clubs and get asked how to write a successful mystery series. I think much of this is down to knowing your readership. If you are a writer, you are a reader, and you know you need to make each word count to create the best book you can. With a series, I plan a story arc at the beginning. For instance, Victoria’s photography was introduced in the second book but becomes more relevant as each book continues. Relationships need to blossom and die, and each book also needs a distinctive mystery for the gang to solve.

Readers of Ruby Baker are very perceptive, and I love the way they pick up on really tiny character flaws or a detail of research that I have added. It is lovely when someone ‘gets’ your characters. Because the mysteries are set in the 1960’s I do a lot of research around my central ‘crime’ in each book. With no mobile phones or internet Ruby does a lot of walking to interview witnesses and chase down perpetrators.

I try to add as many twists to each book as I can, as well as developing the characters. Nobody wants a mystery they can solve on the first page! When I’m writing the series I have a wall chart pinned up with photos, notes on each character, hair colour, eye colour etc. I also have maps, and generally, raid my local library for some extra social history reading. Other bits of inspiration are torn from newspapers and magazines or scribbled on random bits of paper.

After each book is completed, and the publisher is happy with the editing, everything gets put away until the next mystery!

About the Author

Hi, I’m Daisy White – mum, entrepreneur, and writer. I started off self-publishing, then signed YA series to two fabulous US publishers.

I’ve always wanted to write crime but none of my initial manuscripts were anywhere near good enough to show the world! In 2016 I rewrote an earlier idea and entered it into the UK International Novel Writing Competition. It was long-listed and that gave me the confidence I needed to submit to publishers.

‘My second novel for Joffe Books, and book two in the Ruby Baker Seaside Mysteries, ‘Before I Found You’, was published in Feb 2018 and became an immediate Amazon bestseller. My first story for younger children will be published in an anthology for Patchwork Raven later this year. I’m also finishing off a standalone thriller, which I’m really excited about!

Writing is an obsession and a passion, and I am extremely lucky to have been able to develop my dream into a business. I enjoy sharing my journey, and the knowledge I have gained along the way. I also love to meet other writers, readers and business owners.

Website:  https://daisywhiteauthor.co.uk
Twitter: @DEWhiteAuthor
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ DaisyWhiteAuthor/

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