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I’ve Lost My Mum – Cassandra Farren

In 2017, I lost my mother. Even if it is true, saying it feels wrong. I had lost her a long time ago and found her again before she died. Because somehow in her demented brain, she saw in me for what seemed like a lifetime ago, the daughter she loved. The daughter she from time to time, when lucid, was angry with and blamed for her situation but also the daughter she waited for – my return from Ireland – to say goodbye to before closing her eyes.

She had been diagnosed with dementia only half a year before but to be honest, the signs were there long before. After my father’s death in 1992, the ‘negotiator’ between my mother and I had been removed and thus, our difficult relationship dived into new depths of despair. It took dementia to find a way to each other’s heart once again.

Today would have been her 84th birthday. Today, to honour her I would like to share with you this book, ‘I’ve Lost My Mum’, by Cassandra Farren. The book was published on my birthday, May 20th, 2019.

Cassandra Farren about her Book

Dementia is soul-destroying Not only for the person who is diagnosed but for anyone who loves and cares about them.

Last year I was at breaking point when everything got too much and I had to take my mum to live in a permanent care home.

She no longer knows who I am.

Somehow I have found the strength to share our journey in my new book, I’ve Lost My Mum.  I have bared my soul as I do not want another family to feel isolated and alone on this horrific journey.

Cassandra Farren

I’ve Lost My Mum – Blurb

I’ve Lost My Mum tells the true, soul-baring, account of a daughter who wants to make a difference to those whose lives have been devastated by dementia.

Cassandra’s raw and deeply moving journey shares her own struggle for strength as well as invaluable insights into this invisible illness.

This heartfelt and compelling story not only provides a deeper understanding of this cruel condition but gives hope that it’s possible to find peace when someone you love is lost between worlds.  

What Readers Say

“Another amazing book from the inspirational Cassie Farren! It brought me to tears as Cassie writes in such a loving way about her lovely Mom yet highlighting the harsh reality of this cruel disease. Totally relatable for anyone whose parents suffer from dementia and highly recommended! This book will help many many people I’m sure.”

  • Janet S Taylor

“Cassandra tells her mother’s story with compassion, much raw emotion and also shows a real gift for storytelling. The way the story unfolds is heartbreaking. Although it tells a sad story, the book is at the same time a fast-paced read and once you pick it up you won’t be able to put it down. There are also expert tips on how best to manage a dementia patient, so is an invaluable guide at the same time.”

  • Liz Hodgkinson

“Cassandra has a wonderful writing style that has you crying on one page and laughing at the next. Describing how the illness affected all members of the family, from Cassandra’s mum with dementia, her dad, sister, and two children, it conveyed how everyone has coped with the diagnosis and day to day life.

I highly recommend this book whether you have a family or friend with dementia or indeed if you are employed/studying in dementia care.”

  • Linda Compton

“The story will help those families going through the same know that they are not alone in their journey. It will help them to find the ways the author and her dad learned on the techniques of communication and care with their loved one who is suffering. The ways they both coped will help other families to look to adapt a similar approach.

It will also help those who have friends whose loved ones are suffering dementia to be able to really empathise on the journey, heartache, and struggles they are facing. It has certainly helped me to do so!

The story is so beautifully written, it’s raw, it’s brutally honest in a compassionate way. I cried at how powerful this story is because it is wrapped in heartfelt emotion.”

  • Emma

About the Author

Cassandra, who lives in Northamptonshire, England, has been described as “a gentle soul powered by rocket fuel!” When she’s not mentoring authors or writing life-changing books, Cassandra can often be found relaxing by a beautiful lake or having a dance party in her kitchen!

She is a very proud Reiki master who has committed to her own journey of personal and spiritual growth. Cassandra’s mission is to create a new generation of heart-led authors who collectively make a powerful difference in the world, one book at a time.

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Book Info

Buy ‘I’ve Lost My Mum’ on Amazon

PublisherWelford Publishing (16 May 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9780993129681
ASIN (ebook) B07RCC4XVS

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