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In the Shadows – Tara Lyons

Love this fast-paced thriller with its plot twist you will not see coming! It has the perfect combination of a detective (whodunit) and psychological novel.


DI Hamilton #1

These words sent shivers down my spine: “My greatest moment – finally lashing out, payback time has arrived. She’s undermining me, taking my spotlight. My first murder – exhilarating, exciting, enticing. That didn’t go perfect, from now they will. I don’t care about a time or time frame, she will slip up – and I will be there, claiming my position, destroying and obliterating her. Forever. For good.” Follow Detective Inspector Hamilton and discover whether he will be able to capture this overly confident serial killer!


The book opens with a fascinating and shocking insight into the mind of a murderer and it is quite frightening and thrilling. The reader is aware of what the police have to discover yet: a serial killer is on the loose. When you kill the first time and you are that euphoric, there is no way back, no stopping you from the next murder … and the next … not unless you are caught. Will the police ever catch you when you have worked so meticulously in analysing and perfecting your killing strategy? DI Denis Hamilton and DS Clarke Lewis have no idea that the young woman, whose lifeless body is floating in the water, is murdered by a serial killer. The detectives don’t have a clue where to start, no DNA or anything leading to the murderer. The reader knows: the serial killer perfected the modus operandi, leaving nothing behind. When another young woman is found, the detective team fear she will not be the last victim.

Meanwhile, Grace Murphy is in mourning for her grandfather. He meant a lot to her and while the cancer was taking away his body long before he died, Grace and her mother Valerie are feeling the loss of their loved one. Grace is having a hard time, she is drinking the more heavily as the days go by to drown away the grief and the nightmares. When Grace is finally clear enough to read the papers, she is in shock: the two murdered women were friends from a long time ago. What is happening? Valerie is not happy with how Grace is behaving and urges her to spend the last of her free days with friends. But Grace is not interested. She needs to be fresh to go back to her job as assistant director at The London Theatre. Did you know she wanted to become an actress? It did not work out, but Grace never lost her love for the theatre life. Therefore, out of love for the theatre, she followed the route from runner to her current position.

Is it irony, coincidence or deliberate that the third victim of the serial killer is called ‘The Lady in Red’ just like the play that’s about to commence in The London Theatre? The third victim is found with her clothes – a red dress- on, contrary to the first two women who were stripped naked. When DI Hamilton learns of this coincidence, his focus is on the theatre. Could that be the link they are searching for, the connection between the victims? Hamilton is determined to find out, the more because of the next victim, found battered to death with a knife in her chest. Upon inspection of The London Theatre, Hamilton meets with Grace, her boss Michael and leading actor Eric, who had a relationship with the latest victim. The detective feels that there is more going on here, but cannot pinpoint any definite clue. Could Grace, who is still grieving for her grandfather and shocked by the deaths becoming close, perhaps be a designated victim?

She’s about the same age and built as the other women plus she’s also connected to the theatre life. The reader knows of Grace’s nightmares, her ongoing grief and how she keeps drowning her feelings in alcoholics. Grace has a nagging feeling she’s being followed, the footsteps behind her, the fluttering shadows in the dark. Everything is getting to Grace, she snaps for no reason at her mother or her boss, sometimes she cannot remember what she did. The more confused Grace gets, the more the bottle is needed – the path to self-destruction seems wide open. Is any woman safe – will Grace be safe? Can she overcome her grief and get her life back on trail doing the job she loves, leaving the bottle from time to time and socialise with her friends? Will DI Hamilton and his team ever catch the serial killer? Time is against the police team as the pressure is mounting and results are nowhere to be found.

My Thoughts

Tara Lyons‘ crime debut is a fast-paced thriller, the perfect combination of a detective (whodunit) and psychological thriller. I loved reading this page-turner, finished the book in one session as I couldn’t put it down, just had to find out the identity of the serial killer. The clues are there for everyone to see, but you will misinterpret them, I’m sure! It’s gripping and intriguing – I won’t say anything more, you just have to read ‘In the Shadows’ yourself. And let me tell you: only after you’ve finished the book you will fully understand the Prologue. Read it and find out!

‘In the Shadows’  is also available as an audiobook. Click here for my review.

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About the Author

Tara Lyons

Tara Lyons is a British author with a lifelong passion for English Literature, writing and reading. She started her writing career in 2015. With NY bestselling author Mel (MA) Comley, a friend and mentor, she wrote Web of Deceit’. They also started an exciting series of crime novels  ‘The Organized Crime Series’ of which the first book The Caller’  is published in 2016. ‘In the Shadows  is Tara Lyons’ crime debut, the first in the ‘DI Hamilton Series’  – book #2 is ‘No Safe Home’ – here’s my review. According to Tara, she is “writing, reading, blogging and enjoying every single minute of it. A dream come true.”

Book Info

Paperback  270 pages
 Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing  Platform (1 Mar. 2016)
 ISBN  978-1530325771
 eBook  1230 KB (Bloodhound Books (16 July 2017)

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