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In Your Name – Rob Ashman

Police Lieutenant Lucas is recovering from the devastating blows, dealt by Mechanic. His thirst for revenge knows no boundaries, putting not only his job at risk …


Mechanic Trilogy #2

The book opens with a shattering event: a funeral. Whose we do not know but whoever it is, it has profoundly shocked Florida State Police Lieutenant Lucas. It is hard to realise that it is only nine weeks since his return to work, following his (presumed) recovery from the blows, dealt by Mechanic in Those That Remain. Lucas struggles to perform his duties because he has been and still is plagued by inner demons who “were fuelled by guilt and he channelled his guilt into a boiling rage.

Now, Lucas is a single-issue cop with one thing on his mind: revenge! Strangely enough, these emotions of guilt and revenge are also the motivating forces behind Mechanic’s actions as the serial killer plots to slaughter the “only victims of consequence,” Lucas and his predecessor, Harper.


After escaping from Florida, Mechanic is aware of the necessity to lie low, well below the police radar. Apart from personal problems, there is also the matter of plotting revenge against the two cops who were unable to bring Mechanic down but were responsible for a considerable and agonising knock to Mechanic’s confidence. Survival for Mechanic was easy, but dealing with the personal problems is difficult and heartbreaking to Mechanic. The serial killer has only one choice: to move to Las Vegas where a job is easy to find and the people tend to ask no questions. These eight months have not exactly been how Mechanic had intended, especially since the killer’s natural instincts still had to be fed. Drug dealers served that purpose and many died a horrible death to satisfy Mechanic’s lust for murder. That is until Mechanic decides to become the bodyguard of Texan Harry Silverton: he is in Vegas to do some business and have a good time, but this includes getting into trouble and fully expecting that Mechanic will save his arse.

Meanwhile, Lucas is frustrated because no one at work attaches importance to a letter which he is convinced Mechanic sent – his boss prefers to believe Mechanic is dead. Agonised by his friend and colleague Bassano’s injuries causing him to leave the force, Lucas now has only one person to turn to and that is his predecessor Harper. Together the two men head out of Florida for a road trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana where Mechanic supposedly posted the letter and withdrew money. We are fully aware Mechanic is in Las Vegas and not intending to stay in hiding for much longer.

However, none of the protagonists knows that there is a new player on the field: the highly intelligent and super ambitious Rebecca Moran, who has just started to work for the Las Vegas Police. Mechanic and Moran have yet to meet but is it possible that finally, the serial killer will have found someone able to stop the slaughtering spree and apprehend the murderer? Will Lucas get his revenge? Time to find out …

My Thoughts

After closing the book, I could not contain the thoughts whirling through my mind. What a strong successor to Those That Remain! Wow! The intricate plotline with its outbursts of violence set against the dark side of Las Vegas controlled by organised crime … Rob Ashman, I seriously wondered how a sequel could surpass Mechanic #1 but you did it! Wow!

This thriller is high velocity, full of action, and keeps you guessing at every twist and turn. There is also the character of Mechanic who has definitely thrown away the daddy issues but upped the killer’s brutality. As in the first Mechanic book, we witness a softer side to Mechanic and find out more about where the killer is coming from but, even though we can empathise with Mechanic, we are also cognisant of the serial killer’s destructive natural forces that seem to multiply with every shocking event in the book.

It is extremely gripping to witness the events in this spellbinding thriller – and I’m dying to get my hands on the next instalment!

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About the Author

Rob Ashman Author Image

Rob Ashman is a British author, originally from Wales but since twenty years now living in North Lincolnshire with his wife and two daughters. Rob worked, as most Welsh Valley boys did, in a coal mine before entering University. He worked in a variety of consulting jobs until he finally decided to ‘listen to the voices in his head’ and start his writing career. The story of ‘Mechanic’ is a book that somehow was stuck in his head for almost twenty-five years; when, due to personal circumstances, Rob had to take three months leave to care for his parents, writing down the story in his head became his way of coping. The result of four years of writing: the birth of ‘The Mechanic Trilogy’ a thrilling crime series.

Book Info

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Pages  290
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (13 July 2017)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781912175376
 ASIN (e-book)  B073HH6LVM

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