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Innocent Blood – Linda S. Prather

Loki Redmond knows her vindictive Choctaw grandfather, responsible for the death of her parents, is manipulating her. Still, she will do whatever it takes to protect her younger brothers…


Redmond Investigations #2

The Choctaw reservation harbours many a sad memory for Loki Redmond and her two younger brothers. The terrible events of the past have cast a shadow over the present and Loki is determined to safeguard her brothers by not bringing them back to the reservation, a decision in complete opposition to the wishes and commands of her paternal grandfather. She strongly suspects his motives, but he will not have his way if she can help it.


There is something evil about grandfather Redmond” is Jules’s warning to Loki and she knows he is right. Due to the horrors Jules lived through and suffered in the past, he had been unable to speak for a long period. Despite his recovery, Loki still feels very protective towards him and his brother, Dadron. Jules has a perceptive soul and, as part of his Choctaw heritage, he senses events and atmospheres. Now he experiences the anger with the spirits for the innocent blood that has been shed, Jules emphasizes that Loki must state her feelings towards her boyfriend Jake before entering the reservation. As you understand, this does nothing to put Loki’s mind at ease but nevertheless, since her tracking skills are needed to find missing hunters, she is determined to go even though she would have preferred if Dadron did not go with her.

It appears grandfather Redmond needs all three siblings for his purpose but Loki pointedly refuses to bring Jules to the reservation. However, since there are lives at stake, she feels obliged to help out with the search party together with Dadron. Meanwhile, Police Officer Rafi Wilson (also of Choctaw heritage) says goodbye to his wife and children before shooting three colleagues and getting killed in the process. You can imagine the hatred the Tunica Police Force feel against their murderous Choctaw colleague. Rafi’s  brother begs Jake, Loki’s boyfriend and a police officer, to investigate as he cannot believe his brother would turn into a cop killer overnight. Little does Jake know that he will find himself in life-threatening situations just as Loki who is convinced her grandfather is using the missing hunters as a pretext for a carefully laid out trap. To what purpose, we will soon discover…

My Thoughts 

If you told me that I was going to end up being completely mesmerised by a novel containing paranormal elements, people who can experience the presence of ghosts from the past and who believe in the supernatural, I would smile at you, but… I did. I LOVED Innocent Blood. The thriller is well-written and fast-paced and even though they are an essential part of the story, the supernatural and/or paranormal elements did not feel intrusive to me. The characters are so well described and engaging, I just had to love them, though there were some to hate too! Loki is endearing – as is her loyalty and protectiveness towards her younger brothers. She would rather put herself at mortal risk then jeopardise their safety. There are many other characters in the book but what stayed with me were the remarkable friendships where the others are accepted for who they are, friends who are there when needed, who offer help and support without having to be asked. Did I say I loved it? Read Innocent Blood, I recommend it!

Innocent Blood is the second book in the Redmond Investigations series- and, as always, I would advise you to read them in order because it provides you with the necessary background. Having said that, Innocent Blood can also be perfectly read as a stand alone.
The first book in the Redmond Investigations series: The Forgotten

About the Author 

Linda S. Prather Author Image

Linda S. Prather is the NY Times and USA Today Bestselling author of 8 novels including two legal thrillers, a paranormal FBI series, one romance, and her current series involving Loki Redmond, a Choctaw private investigator and Jake Savior, a former police officer. Linda lives in Lexington, Kentucky with her husband and grandchild, along with the “king” of the house, a Shitzu name Popcorn. Her latest release, Innocent Blood is her second in the Loki Redmond/Jake Savior series. In Linda’s own words: “This book is my favourite so far. My grandfather was a full-blooded Native American, and my mother half Native American. Prior to my marriage and children, I studied Shamanism and developed a true love for nature. Studying the Choctaw history, customs, myths and religions was fascinating. Taking the facts I learned and weaving them into Loki’s story and her investigation into the disappearance of two hunters on the reservation was an emotional roller coaster for me. I found myself crying quite often.

Book Info 

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Paperback  220 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (30 Sept. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175666
 eBook  1880 KB (12 Oct. 2017)

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