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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

I’ve Been Watching You – KA Richardson

A psychopath serial killer targets women to play a sick and torturous game of life and death. With him, we watch his obsession grow and we shiver … 


Forensic Files Series #1

“Some nightmares you can’t escape.” Upon opening this exciting new crime thriller we witness a terrible assault from the past in the Prologue. We can almost hear the cold-hearted assailant whisper ”I’ve been watching you” and feel the mortal fear, the anguish of the woman who is about to suffer violently. As those words are an exact match for the book title, we can only fear that this is not the last we have heard or seen from this brute…


Eve is terrified of her husband John and dreads his visits to her in the residential home she lives since (allegedly) falling down the stairs. Eve is barely able to move or speak but

still knows what her husband is capable of doing, even in her secluded room. Is John the psychopath assaulting the woman in the Prologue? The scene changes: we find ourselves in the CSI Department of Sunderland. Ben Cassidy has scars from the past, she is a single mother, living with her four-year-old daughter Grace and her auntie Aoife. She has only been with the CSI department for six months and is eager to learn more about the forensic work so that is why she enrolled evening classes with Jacob Tulley from the Digital Forensics Lab. Jacob also is trying to cope with his past, both physically (his leg took shrapnel during a bomb attack in Afghanistan) and mentally as he suffers from flashbacks. When Ben and Jacob meet they feel a connection.

A twisted man is obsessed with women he secretly watches, some no more than girls, to choose his next victim. We witness him stalking a young innocent girl, familiarising with her habits and spying on her in the privacy of her own room. This man experiences flashbacks from a violent youth, a father who used his fists rather than his voice, the women he had killed over the years. Especially the one, his perfect one, with “her breasts glowing in the moonlight“, the first he marked his own. This psychopath is planning to strike again and submit yet another girl to his torturous game. As we observe the meticulous preparations for the unspeakable actions, we are aware of the almost uncontrollable hatred John feels towards his wife and women in general. The Police and the CSI  are unknown to these predicaments but soon they will be when the dangerous sociopath and serial killer targets one of their own …

My Thoughts

This is KA (Kerry) Richardson’s first crime thriller in the Forensic Files series, a nerve-racking and engrossing book you simply cannot put down until the very last page. The reader sees sinister events happening even before the police or the CSI are aware and yet we also are left in the dark and struggling to make sense of what is happening. The insights into the evil and twisted thoughts combined with the innocent characters, yet unaware of what will happen, make the plot even more gruesome and horrific. I hated some of the implications and actions (I will refrain from saying more as to not spoil the plot) and was devastated when … In her well-written thriller, the author shows us how a truly evil mind thinks .. remarkable!

The Forensic Files Series consists of crime thrillers with the CSI Team and Police Force of Sunderland. This first book of the series focuses on the CSI Department of Sunderland. It can be read as a stand-alone. The other books in the series are:
#1 I’ve Been Watching You
#2 Time To Play (my review)
#3 Watch You Burn
#4 Under the Woods
#5 From the Dark

About the Author

KA Richardson Author Image

KA (Kerry) Richardson grew up in North East England and she is still living there with her husband Peter. What might be her earliest memory is of hand-writing small books, stapling the sides and giving them to teachers and other people as gifts. Needless to say, she has always been an avid reader: from Enid Blyton and Willard Price to Patricia Cornwell and Jonathan Kellerman. Kerry Richardson’s dream of working for the Police was shattered when she damaged her knee and that is when she enrolled at University of Teesside and passed her Bsc Crime Scene Science in 2008 after which she started working in the forensics field. Her “already active imagination began working overtime” in the author’s own words and that is when she decided to complete her MA Creative Writing whilst working full time. Kerry reads whenever she can and it comes as no surprise that her taste bends towards the crime genre.

Book Info

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 Paperback   290 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (1 July 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995511128
 ISBN-13  978-0995511125

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