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Jesper Jinx – Marko Kitti

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Let me introduce you to Jesper Jinx, the eleven-year-old boy in search of the ultimate boredom breaker. A fun read for middle-grade readers! 


The Jesper Jinx Series #1

Who wouldn’t love the stories about Jesper Jinx, the 11-year-old boy in search of the ultimate boredom breaker? His father, mother and sister fear for every move Jesper makes as he tends to .. jinx things! Now an author has come to live in the neighbourhood and, annoyed at Jesper calling him ‘a professional liar’ he challenges Jesper to tell him a true story. Little did the author know that he would hear incredible stories. Read them and decide for yourself: is Jesper a hideous daredevil or the coolest kid you have ever met?


Have I ever told you about Jesper Jinx?? The boy who lives with his mum and dad, elder sister and the beautiful white cat in a lovely home in Puffington Hill on the south coast of England?? What is that I hear? BORING – All right, all right! Don’t need to shout! What if I told you that Jinx is his special name because everything Jesper touches is jinxed? That he has found the ultimate “boredom breaker“? Ha, now you are interested! Before you come any closer, there is a Secrecy Agreement you need to sign. Yes, really! Jesper is anxious his mum and dad, sister, neighbours well .. almost everyone living near to him will not hear about these stories! Are you with me still? Ok, then the time is there for you to enter Jesper’s world! Follow me …

Jesper Jinx and the Colourful Cat

It is a Sunday, a day Jesper is not too fond of as there is nothing much to do but hang around: his father is reading the paper and wants to be left alone, his sister Melinda stays in bed forever and his mother is busy hoovering. Did I tell you Jesper has a cat? A lovely white cat called Snowy because of her white fur. Snowy is Jesper’s cat when chores need to be done but his mother’s when it’s showtime and Snowy has to make a special appearance! What to do when you are a bored boy that jinxes everything, left in the kitchen with a pile of laundry, a bowl of red water and a snow-white cat?

Jesper Jinx and the Spanish Shenanigans

Jesper’s school is Puffington Hill Junior School and it would be a very boring if not for Jesper’s best friend Oliver. Their teacher is Miss Parrot – as you would guess from her name she repeats much of what you say! Today Miss Parrot looks different and Jesper and Oliver are dying to find out what is going on. Then there is something even more interesting: dark-haired José Maria with his short figure and “pair of big chocolate-brown eyes” is staying in their class! Do you know that José has a moustache? No wonder all the girls faint! Jesper knows something is not right! Let’s find out, shall we?

My Thoughts

The informal tone the author uses plus the fact that he directly addresses the reader in his book make it a fun read. Then there is the Secrecy Agreement which adds to the mystery! Jesper is an outgoing boy who literally jinxes everything he does. Sometimes deliberately, sometimes inadvertently. Whichever way it starts, it always ends up with a disaster! I loved reading about the naughty boy dreading boredom – hence his invention of boredom breakers! As you witness the story unfolding before your eyes, you cannot but smile – even though you are aware of what will follow! Perfect for younger middle-grade readers aged 7-11. To read the Jesper Jinx stories to children or to watch them read it – an absolute pleasure!

About the Author

Marko Kitti is a Finnish born writer and illustrator living in Eastbourne. He is best known for his humorous Jesper Jinx children’s book series of which there now are six. This is what the author says about his wonderfully wicked children’s book series: “The Jesper Jinx series is perfect for both avid and reluctant readers, boys and girls alike. WARNING: These books may cause uncontrollable laughter!

For those interested in everything Jesper Jinx related here is the website:

Book Info

 Paperback   150 pages
 Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2 edition (11 April 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1530186994
 ISBN-13  978-1530186990


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