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Just One Time – K.S. Hunter

– This book contains explicit sexual content – 

David Madden made one mistake two years ago and he is still paying for it. No reason to make another, you would think. But when the super sexy Nina pursues him, David stands no chance…


The Prologue shows us a super hot and sexy scene which sets the tone for the book – and shows us what motivates David to jeopardise it all: his marriage to Alison and their little daughter, Maddie. He hopes Alison will not find out – but, of course, she does and makes him pay for it, every single day for the two years since. If you think that David never will find himself in the same situation or even remotely consider having an affair, right? Wrong. Follow me…


A lost phone in the theatre induces David to give his number to the beautiful woman next to him, a stranger. Not for very long, though because although David gives her a false name she has no trouble identifying him and from then on, she is in the pursuit. Just one time, she promises him, one night of passion for her, Nina, after which he can go back to his family. Unharmed. His wife will never know, she says. It is so easy to give in and engage in a one-night stand as Nina is every man’s dream, including David’s. Wherever David goes, Nina is nearby and slowly, bit by bit, she is under his skin. Her voice, husky and inviting, her body… David feels cornered as he is anxious his wife, Alison will discover what is going on. He tries to keep Nina at a distance but he has no defence against her and there is no one he can confide in. As the game is upped and David sees no way out he is trapped in Nina’s play of lust. All she is after is David’s body and what Nina wants, Nina gets…

My Thoughts 

Just One Time is a fast-paced, steamy novel with a ‘Fatal Attraction’ theme worked out into a dark and absorbing psychological thriller. On the one hand, I sympathised with David and could not understand why he wanted to stay with his wife (forgive or move on but never letting someone off the hook for two years.. ) and felt his good intentions all came out wrong, on the other hand, I wanted to shout to him ‘Man Up’. Well, he does but not in the way I meant it! To me (excuse me, gents) David is a typical male who has no idea how much he has gotten himself involved with this sex-crazed woman until it is way too late. As to the two females in the story, David’s wife, Alison, and Nina, they are both in their own way, mental. How? That is for you to find out –  I can recommend this captivating thriller, a first-person narrative told from David’s perspective. I had to read it in one session – could not let go until I reached the shocking end!

About the Author 

K.S. Hunter is the pseudonym of an international bestselling author living in the UK whose identity will remain a mystery…

Book Info 

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 Ebook  Kindle Ed.
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 Publisher  VAD Publishing; 1 edition (7 Dec. 2017)

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