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Contemporary,  Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Killing of Emily Chandler – Nigel Cooper

Emily is beautiful, gorgeous – any man’s dream. No wonder Adam is madly in love with her. She’s something special, and so is the love between them. Each day, the newly-weds grow closer. Adam has no real friends, his work is boring, the only uplifting part of each day is going home to her – his beloved wife, Emily.

You found me, Adam, and I’m so happy that you did.”

– Emily, Adam’s bride


Adam is not your typical guy with all his disorders, among which OCD and a somewhat superior attitude, so unsurprisingly he doesn’t have many friends. Neither has his new wife, Emily, who flew over from California only a couple of weeks ago. Adam’s few friends, if you can call them that, have not been invited to the wedding. They are completely surprised by the marriage and eager to meet Emily.

Somehow, they have to wait. Pictures of Emily on Facebook – yes, she has an account – are the closest they come to meeting Emily. Whenever they ask Adam to arrange a visit, he ducks the question. To dinner parties, he comes alone. Something odd is going on…

Why doesn’t Emily leave the house as in – ever? Why isn’t Adam eager to show off his new bride but instead, acts protectively and.. dare one say.. possessively? Phoebe, Adam’s ex, is furious and desperate to discover all about her rival. She is determined that one day, she will have Adam back – whatever it takes.

My Thoughts

This is an intriguing psychological novel of suspense. In fact, it’s difficult to categorise it as the novel is not what you’d expect at first. We meet Adam. He’s a guy with a LOT of issues. But still, he’s also endearing in his attempts at ‘normality’ even if he hates that word. Adam is a difficult protagonist for a reader as you cannot empathise with him. On occasion, you can feel sympathy (among other emotions) for him but being who he is, he’s not easy to connect with.

Although the book is not written as a first-person narrative, it has the feel of it as the author provides us with Adam’s perspective; plenty of details into Adam’s thoughts, with lots of explanations, almost like he expects us, the readers, to gain insight through him – the author or Adam? That makes some parts of it a bit difficult and it slows down the story from time to time. Then again, if you try to imagine it’s Adam’s voice talking, it sort of makes sense even if it doesn’t warm you towards the protagonist.

Adam’s wife Emily, is a model of composure. Never angry nor upset. Calm, quiet, understanding, combined with a stunning body and eyes able to seduce any man. Hers are only for Adam though. She’s his equal in a lot of things – both are extremely intelligent (she beats him at chess) and thus, she’s not only the love of Adam’s life but also quite the intellectual challenge.

I cannot divulge more – you just have to read the book. It’s not always a straightforward read as a result of the explanations but it is insightful, intriguing, and fascinating. The topic is controversial at least, leaving you with lots of food for thought. The Killing of Emily Chandler is – much like Emily herself – an enigma, a novel you won’t easily forget.

About the Author

Nigel Cooper is a British author of fiction. He writes across a diverse range of genres including contemporary, psychological thrillers, suspense, crime and supernatural. He found his ‘voice’ as the editor of his own magazine, which he ran for eight years before becoming a full-time author in 2011. He studied screenwriting in London and ran a video production company before becoming a freelance journalist writing articles, reviews and stories for various newspapers and magazines.

Nigel also studied to be a private investigator and spent a year working as a PI, the knowledge of which comes in handy with his crime writing today. Having attained a degree in classical piano performance Nigel loves nothing more than to sit and play Beethoven when he isn’t writing. Also, being a Hi-Fi nut and a vinyl connoisseur he can often be found in Market Hill in Cambridge browsing through the used vinyl stalls in the hope of picking up a mint condition first pressing of ‘Selling England by the Pound’. Nigel lives and writes in Cambridgeshire.

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