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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Kiplock Affair – Malcolm J. Roscow

With ‘The Kiplock Affair’ Malcolm Roscow gives us a fascinating, yet deprecating and shocking insight into the world of business, where money and power can make and break you – as Bill Smith is about to find out when the rich American businessman Gerry Kiplock proposes him the deal of his life…


We find ourselves in a Florida hotel room with Angela and Gerry as they are about to perform the age-old actions of lust. How did they end up there in that Florida hotel? To understand, we go back in time, eight months to be precise. To that fateful day,  when Bill Smith, living in the vicinity of London, receives a telephone call from over the pond of one Gerry Kiplock. He has never met the man but knows him by name as the ‘very successful head of a New York outfit.’ Bill smirks at how Gerry’s secretary puts him through – like she is ‘introducing the President of the United States,’  so powerful does she make Gerry sound. Only much later comes Bill to realise how predictive his initial thoughts were…


Gerry is looking to expand his business in Europe and for his ‘network of offices,’ he wants Bill for the UK office. Although Bill could use the money, he is adamant that he will not sell his own company to Gerry. However, the prospect of earning double the money is tantalizing and thus, the two men engage in negotiations. But First, Bill has to fly to Finland to one of his suppliers. Also, the bank manager is breathing down his neck, and that at the brink of what could well be a breakthrough in his business: his alliance with Gerry Kiplock. Bill is speechless and is it a wonder, he barely knows what he is saying to his secretary, Maureen? He should have because the consequences become all too clear soon and before Bill knows it, he is entangled in secrets ending in a vicious assault, threats and danger to his personal life and his marriage to Angela. Still, this physical attack is not the most brutal one as Bill soon finds out…

My Thoughts 

The Kiplock Affair is an entertaining and thrilling novel. To witness how these companies go about their business, how far and manipulative money’s influence reaches, is fascinating and appalling at the same time. Our world today is based on power and money and whoever has the latter, controls the first, with far-reaching consequences. The author expressly shows us Bill Smith with all his flaws and incompetence – and as he relates to Bill’s business contacts. he paints a vivid, sometimes shocking, picture of the business world. In my opinion, the prologue in combination with the blurb on the back cover gave the plot away which is a pity, I think. Also, even if the ending is not quite like you would expect (find out for yourself!), it was somewhat predictable seeing the characters’ actions and manipulations. I will refrain from saying more for fear of spoiling the plot. All in all, I enjoyed reading ‘The Kiplock Affair’ – a novel showing us the despicable world where morals are disregarded, suspicions run high and trust merely is a word, without any meaning. Fascinating!

About the Author 

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Malcolm Roscow had a career spanning 38 years in the pulp and paper industry, which took him to 68 countries on 5 continents. He lived for seven years in the USA, and a year in the Bahamas. His career culminated in him running his own international business for ten years before retiring to Florida. Roscow lives with his partner, Hilary, in Poole, Dorset, He started writing after returning to Florida from the Bahamas in 1992 and he has been writing ever since. His debut novel, ‘Another Boring Day in Paradise’ (2015), is set in the Bahamas and inspired by real-life events.

His publisher nominated the book for the People’s Book Prize. His late wife, Eileen, suggested he write the book but sadly, she did not live long enough to see it published. His second novel, ‘The Kiplock Affair'(2017) has been nominated for the Royal Society of Literature’s Encore Award for  ‘outstanding second novel’. Roscow has finished a few more novels, ‘Harry’, a tale of internet grooming, ‘Tycoon’, set in Hong Kong, and ‘Incident At A Crayfish Party,’ set in Finland. Also, he has written a memoir chronicling the protracted death of his wife from brain tumours, ‘Will You Tell Her, Or Shall I?’ as well as ‘May I Have The Pleasure…?’ a true story and a tribute to his late wife.

Book Info 

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Paperback   315 pages
 Publisher  Austin Macauley Publishers (28 Feb. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1786129819
 eBook  2869 KB (5 March 2017)

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