The Long Walk - Stephen King
Science Fiction, Fantasy & Dystopia

The Long Walk – Stephen King

Mini Review

As someone who owns Stephen King’s On Writing, who loved the series, Haven (based on the short story, ‘The Colorado Kid’), reading more of Stephen King’s prose was long overdue. I started with this little gem and I loved it. You can feel the tension building on that long road to… perdition? The longer they continue, the more miles they make, the more it feels like it.

I was gripped by the horror and inevitability of it all but most of all by the friendship between Garraty and McVries. I forgot their ages, especially McVries seemed wise and someone who’s seen it all – who has lived it all. Maybe he has… ‘All of us have death on their minds,’ is being said and is it true?

Would you know how to feel when someone gets shot just because he can’t keep up? Would you feel jubilant, one contestant down, or sad, or both? What does it do to your soul?

The ending is so fitting to the story – I won’t give it away even though I doubt many won’t already know it. I was left bewildered, with so many thoughts and emotions – a story that will stay with me.

The Long Walk’ is highly recommended, thoroughly fascinating and intriguing, and immensely shocking. 

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