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Love Her Madly – M. Elizabeth Lee

An enthralling tale of friendship between cullable and shy redhead Glo and Cyn, the beautiful blonde with her blue eyes, a magnet to anything in trousers.


What an intriguing and fascinating novel! An enticing story about friendship and the perception of our behaviour; about accepting who you are and not being afraid to show that to a complex and confusing world. Glo started to swim after “puberty struck with catastrophic vengeance” and wants to fit in. Cyn is used to being the centre of attention. Who could ever believe that Cyn would become best friends with Glo? How far will her influence reach? When Raj appears, very interested in both the girls, things get complicated. Read my review of Love her Madly and find out!


“If love required this madness, this exquisite terror of potentially unfulfillable desire, I was ready.”

After a rocky affair with swimming coach Mike at the ‘Big U’ – the State University, Glo decides she needs to change to the ‘Tiny U’ in Florida, where the number of students is one-tenth of those at Big U, making it easier to connect with other students. When she encounters Cyn, the “Barbie-looking blonde” among fellow students who were “a motley bunch“, Glo finds herself wondering why she changed University. However, soon the adventurous blonde Cyn has taken a liking to Glo and Glo on her part, feels she can express opinions without being smirked at for the first time in her life. Before you know it the pair of them are inseparable to the point where they become roommates. The two of them become a magnet for men, resulting in almost daily parties and the use of drugs and alcohol, also a first for Glo. Although Glo feels liberated, she sometimes needs her privacy. For her, the library becomes her escape.

The magic of the library multiplies when Glo finds out the gorgeous Raj is also a regular visitor. Unfortunately, for the first time since Glo met her, Cyn has fallen in love, and Raj is the object of her admiration. How will their love for the same man affect the strong female friendship and will it cause trust issues? Plus, where Glo works hard so as to not jeopardise her scholarship, Cyn is neglecting her studies, totally absorbed as she is with their life on campus. The consequences put a heavy burden on their friendship. Then there is the upcoming holiday in Costa Rica, ending dramatically with Cyn’s death, as we have learned in the Prologue. In the aftermath of the events in Costa Rica, Glo is desperate to pick up the pieces of her life but feels it extremely difficult as the media see no harm in thrashing her best friend’s reputation. Can Glo move on with the shadow of Cyn’s death hanging over her?

My Thoughts

The author excellently weaves an intricate web around the topic of love and female friendship, wherein the reader experiences most of the events from Glo’s perspective as the novel is a first-person narrative: the bigger part of the story revolves around Glo’s account of events. Glo is self-conscious and insecure, and in retrospect, that does explain the somewhat manipulative undercurrent in the novel. Both the title and the quote about the madness refer to a deeply felt love, but it does not explain whether that refers to feelings between friends or lovers. Only at the end, we, the readers, perceive an insight that could have made a difference to the series of events – but then it is too late and there are consequences to be reckoned with. Although the ending in itself is satisfactory, it leaves a few things open which is fine by me: I like that there are still things to ponder once you have finished a book. A good book does that.

About the Author


M. Elizabeth Lee is a novelist, actress and screenwriter based in New York City. She studied Literature and Theater at New College in Sarasota, Florida. Liz has appeared in numerous independent film and web productions helmed by directors from all over the globe. She has also written numerous screenplays in connection with Cold Hands Productions, two of which, the horror-comedy Eat Me! and the psychological thriller, Off Season, have been produced and are enjoying nationwide distribution. Love Her Madly is her first novel.

Book Info

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 Paperback   320 pages
 Publisher   Atria Books (1 Aug. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1501112155
 ISBN-13  978-1501112157

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