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Luna the Moon Pig – Suzy Davies

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Luna the Moon Pig is a delightful (pig’s) tale of love, adventure, and belonging by Suzy Davies with gorgeous illustrations by Sheila Graber .. a special treat for your (grand)children and yourself!

“Dedicated to families of piggies and people worldwide, Luna the Moon Pig is the cutest of pigs, with a moon face, chocolate-drop eyes, and the wiggliest of tails.”


Once upon a time, far, far away from here little piggies were born on a farm. The last of the litter was a little black pig with chocolate-brown eyes. Her face was all shiny and round, just like the moon she was born under. No wonder her name was to be Luna – the moon pig!

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The little pigs would go to homes where they would be treated as pets – and all of them found a home except for Luna. She was too shy to come forward and too little to be noticed.

Behold, there was a girl, Maria, who dreamed of a pig to call her own. Her friends with cats and dogs as pets laughed at her and made fun of her wish. But all Maria could think of was a little cuddly pig for herself. Would she ever have one?

Luna the Moon Pig - Suzy Davies - Review Image

Maria is so happy she may pick out one pig to take home! She chooses the one with the wiggliest tail – yes, you know who that is! That is our little, shy Luna with her chocolate-brown eyes! Luna goes home with Maria but everything is so strange that Luna is a little bit scared…

Maria and Luna play hide and seek in the garden but still, Luna misses her mummy and dreams of the magical tales she told. About a world out there, just behind the garden gate. About the mud and.. a secret place.. ssh! Do you want to know what it is called? Shall I tell you?

That secret place is called… the Wet Wild Woods! Do you want to know what happens there? There are animals out there Luna meets and becomes friends with, there is a beautiful moonlit lake and… so much more! Come, let us follow Luna on her adventurous, moonlight magical trip!

Luna the Moon PIg - Suzy Davies - Review Image

 Adventures provide the opportunity to find out so much about the world. They teach us to believe in our own ability. Luna inspired Maria to create something wonderful. What? Read ‘LUNA THE MOON PIG’ and find out for yourself!

My Thoughts 

This unique children’s book is a treasure – a delightful and wonderful tale of magic and the moon, of a pig wanting to belong somewhere, of a lonely girl, Maria, with a dream: a pig of her own. Luna is just adorable and the magic of the story splashes off each page of the book. I love it – the sentences flowing so smoothly, almost poetical, the stunning illustrations… I loved the alluring and enchanting drawings.

A captivating and charming book for children of all ages; the very young can enjoy the colourful images and the lovely Luna, children from four to six years old and up will love to hear you reading the story to them. What a beautiful tale to show your (grand)children and what a great starting point to talk to and with them about accepting others and having self-respect, of believing in yourself, inspiring others and following your dreams.

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Read on to learn more about the author, Suzy Davies, and the illustrator, Sheila Graber, who both fell in love with little Luna and hope their fairy tale ‘Luna The Moon Pig’ with its ‘Moonwishes Magic’ will capture the hearts of children of all ages, all over the world. 

About the Author 

Suzy Davies Author Image

Suzy Davies is a British-born writer, born in Reading. Her first children’s book, ‘Snugs The Snow Bear’ (my review) has been read by world-famous World Animator, Sheila Graber, of “Paddington” fame, and the animator of the great Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” who approached the author and read the first version of Snugs before it was published. Animator and Author have found each other in ‘Luna The Moon Pig‘ – this delightful and charming tale inspired by a runaway piggy Suzy spotted in her backyard. Suzy brings a wealth of experience, including a background in teaching English and Literacy, to her authorship and she draws on her own childhood, as well as her fertile imagination when writing her colourful characters. Suzy Davies loves to read and to cook. She likes to get out among nature and enjoys walking nature trails, strolling along the beach and going boating on Florida’s lakes. She also likes to visit towns where she goes mall shopping or to a music gig.

About the Illustrator 

Sheila Graber Illustrator Image

Sheila Graber‘s art teaching has influenced generations of pupils encouraged by her concept that “Everyone is an Artist”. In 1980 she became a full-time professional animator. Her work, whether animated or still images reflect her love of teaching and of life. Her productions include the animation of the classic ‘Paddington Bear’ and his family and the animation of Rudyard Kipling’s ‘Just So Stories’ into the C21st to make them appealing to youngsters without losing any of their poetry or humour. Packed with beautiful images taken from the series she animated for world TV in the 1980s it has become obvious that children love them. From a love for all animals Sheila Graber just ‘had to draw’ pictures for Suzy Davies’ ‘Luna The Moon Pig’ story; she uniquely conveyed the spirit and magic of the story with a combination of Rotoscoped photographs and hand-drawn cartoon-style illustrations, designed to bring Luna’s story to life.

Book Info 

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Paperback  76 pages
 Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2 Dec. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1974598779
 eBook  78010 KB

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