Mayhem on the Orchid Isle - Aysia Amery - Book Cover
Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Mayhem on the Orchid Isle – Aysia Amery

A Maui Mayhem Cosy Mystery story bringing you a light-hearted and amusing cameo of Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None,’ set in Maui culture…


A Maui Mayhem Cozy Mystery #3

When Ginger and Jemma accept the assignment to cook for a select party on a ranch in Waipio Valley they have no idea that they will find themselves amongst people being killed off one by one. They came to cook their luxurious dinners and nothing more. Apart from Ginger and Jemma, there are eight guests, two hosts, Kat and Evan, in that country house on the island without any cell phone service or other means of communication nearby …


A weekend on an exotic island, cooking for a small party but also having the privilege of being part of the various excursions .. Ginger and Jemma do not have to think long before accepting this job! Ginger’s toes have “never wiggled in the sands of Molokai” so this seems the perfect time to do just that. Gemma is very enthusiastic to come along to Ainalani Ranch – the word Ainalani meaning ‘heavenly land.’ They feel they have arrived in paradise but soon the trouble starts, when the first guest is found murdered. It appears the guests are all there by invitation and have a chance of winning the Ranch for themselves! That is an offer they could not refuse. If only they had read Agatha Christie’s ‘And Then There Were None,’ they would have known such gifts usually come at a very high price …

My Thoughts

This is a lovely cosy mystery book and an enjoyable read for a lazy afternoon or a few hours in the evening, on your holiday terrace overlooking the sea or, perhaps better yet, whilst on vacation on a tropical island. For those who have read Agatha Christie’s book, they know what to expect but where ‘And Then There Were None’ was dark and multi-layered, it will come as no surprise that Mayhem on the Orchid Island is not. This is an easy and entertaining detective novel.

About the Author 

Under the pen name Aysia Amery this author writes cosy mysteries in the ‘Maui  Mayhem Cozy Mystery’ series, currently consisting of 5 books. In the author’s words: “Need a stress-relieving read while trying to guess whodunit? Let my cosies take you on an entertaining vacation to the exotic islands of Hawaii.”  Hawaii is where Aysia Amery is born and raised and still resides with her husband.

Book Info

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Pages  154
 Publisher  CreateSpace (9 Oct. 2016)
 Paperback (ISBN)  9781539397816
 E-Book (ASIN)  B01M2V4C5T
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