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The Millionaire’s Wife – Shalini Boland

Anna and Sian are not ‘in’ with the popular crowd at school but Fin is every schoolgirl’s dream. Anna cannot believe her luck when he picks her! Years later Anna’s life seems perfect until the past catches up with her …


A happy couple on their holiday. Everything seems fine until she decides to take a swim and a motorboat tragically ends a young life. A few days later, Will is having a surprise 30th birthday party. His loving wife Anna has organised it all, including the fabulous present: a 1969 cherry red Ford Mustang.

It may seem a bit over the top but as Will is a millionaire; money is not an issue. The couple lives in a luxury home on the beach and life is just perfect. Until a spine-chilling message instantly sends Anna back in time – to a past she thought she had hidden forever …


At high school, Anna and Sian are not particularly popular and it seems only logical they start to hang out together. The two of them become best friends and, as best friends do, confide in each other about pretty much everything. No wonder Sian knows about Anna’s secret crush on Fin who is the most popular boy at school. Although Anna has inherited her Swedish looks such as her long blonde hair and a figure to kill for, she cannot image Fin ever taking notice of her. To her surprise one day he does and from then on the two of them are an item.

It does not take long for Anna to be mesmerised by Fin whilst being oblivious to his manipulative behaviour. For him, she refuses to go back to Sweden to study or, for that matter, to go to any British University. He is the centre of her life and as much as we are aware of the inevitability of things going wrong, we have yet to wait for the full impact of the devastating effects of their affair.

The time is now and Will’s birthday party is in full swing. Will adores Anna and he is thrilled by everything she has organised to make his 30th birthday unforgettable. One text message ruins the fun for Anna bringing back memories from long ago. He cannot mean .. what did he do?! This is starting to become a nightmare and Anna knows sharing her past with her millionaire husband will cause her marriage to end abruptly because there is no way he will understand what she desperately wants to share with him.

Anna is torn and feels the life she carefully constructed is turning out into a mess. She has only one person to confide in and that is her best friend Sian who now is engaged to Will’s best friend Remy. Can Sian help her get her life together once more? What has the horrible speedboat accident to do with Anna? Things are about to become complicated leaving Anna on the verge of a breakdown at risk of losing everything …

My Thoughts

After reading and loving Shalini Boland’s two previous thrillers, I should have been fully prepared for The Millionaire’s Wife. I was not. And got it wrong! Again!! What can I say? There are more layers than you can imagine even if it becomes obvious that Finn is your typical manipulative bad boy leading Anna astray. There are, however, more dark and disturbing events going on.

The author paints a vivid picture of the have-alls and have-nots but most of all she shows us how her characters are multi-layered and that makes them feel, to us, so true to life. Shalini Boland’s strength lies in showing us characters, leading a perfectly normal and happy life which, slowly at first but then with gathering impetus, unravels and destroys almost everything you thought was real and permanent. Need I say more? Go read The Millionaire’s Wife and find out for yourself!

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About the Author

Shalini Boland Author Image

Books and music are Shalini Bolands passion and she has always been a writer in some shape or form. Before children, she was signed to Universal Music as a singer/songwriter. Now Shalini Boland combines motherhood with writing fiction. She writes the kinds of books she loves to read herself – suspenseful thrillers and gripping adventures. Shalini Boland is a well-known writer of Young Adult fiction – “gripping adventures with a spattering of supernatural and a sprinkling of romance” as she calls it.  

Book Info

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 Pages  230
 Publisher  Bookouture (17 May 2019)
 ISBN (paperback)  9781786815989
 ASIN (e-book)  B07D531R9K

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