Never Again – Nicky Clifford

Never Again is a touching romantic story about Harriet and Philippe, who have come to the beautiful Swiss Alps to mend their broken hearts. …


Never Again – that is what Harriet told herself fleeing her life in England. Never Again would she be hurt or betrayed. Now it is time to heal, to become whole. Never Again – would Philippe be doing what he loved most. Never Again would he allow superficiality to reign his heart  – gone as soon as he was injured. The Swiss Alps, a perfect place for restoring his inner peace, to work in anonymity on the task before him. How would they know that you carry with you the scars of the past? That you cannot escape from yourself?


Harriet has had enough – pain, betrayal, hurt, loss. She decides to make a clean break and leaves her job and her life in England to go waitressing in a Swiss hotel in Wengen amidst the snow-covered Swiss Alps, the beautiful and impressive mountains. Among her colleagues are friendly Jo and glamorous Becky, who believes the world revolves around her. Most of the hotel guests are nice and sociable, like the charming old lady Elspeth Beecham with her vivacious appearance and “mischievous twinkle” in her sparkling blue eyes with whom Harriet becomes close friends. However, Philippe Smith is unapproachable and keeps to himself. Upon meeting him, Harriet and Philippe set off on the wrong foot but Harriet is determined no man will again crush her confidence. Harriet finds Philippe intriguing and little does she know that he feels the same about her. How can he concentrate on his novel when Harriet disturbs his inner peace?

It is especially annoying since Philippe, the famous tennis player Philippe Myers in a former life, used to date sophisticated and elegant women, nothing like the natural Harriet. What follows is a romance with hurdles, complications and arguments and then again walks in the mountains or meaningful looks over delicious Swiss apple strudels. Both Harriet and Philippe are vulnerable and have trust issues.  Misunderstandings and words uttered too soon, keep disturbing romantic moments. Sometimes it feels like a tumultuous roller coaster then again as if time has frozen and the world around them has ceased to exist. The stunning Swiss Alps with their magnificent beauty do their best to work a magic – but both Philippe and Harriet feel it impossible to give themselves unconditionally to the other because of their wounds from the past. And then, somehow, their past comes back in their lives changing everything …

My Thoughts

Nicky Clifford‘s debut novel is a touching romantic story. There is love and laughter, betrayal and conniving behaviour. There is so much confusion, a lot of running away, so many misunderstandings. The characters are lifelike and painted so well that the reader can easily connect (or dislike) and empathise. The elderly Elspeth stole my heart, her mischief and witty conduct, her admirable attitude of life. Although I felt for Harriet and did sympathise, I also wanted to shake her and tell her to stop running away every time. ‘Never Again’ is the perfect read for a rainy day, curled up indoors with a hot chocolate (why not, the protagonists seem to enjoy it!). Or to bring along to a sunny beach or cosy balcony overlooking a beautiful scenery, perhaps even the Swiss Alps. This novel also gives insights. Like how easy it is to run away – you always end up with the same person you set out with: yourself. One day you have to stay put and pick up the pieces of your life. Accept and appreciate who you are and you are ready to take on your future – to trust love.

About the Author

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British author Nicky Clifford has pursued a career in the field of Human Resources and Training before she dedicated herself to her lifelong passion: writing. As a student she wrote articles, poems and short stories, now years later, she has written her first novel ‘Never Again’. Her hobby: ice-skating (she’s quite good at it!). From the royalties of this book she will donate to the UK charities Childhood Tumor Trust and Auticulate.

Book Info

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 Paperback   364 pages
 Publisher   Nicola Clifford (13 Oct. 2016) 
 Language   English 
 ISBN-10  0995615314 
 ISBN-13  978-0995615311

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