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New Release | One Punch – Keith Dixon


One Punch, the second instalment in Keith Dixon’s witty, well-plotted and intriguing ‘Paul Storey Thrillers’ is out on May 8th, 2017!

| Introduction |

Paul Storey Thrillers #2

One Punch is the second instalment in Keith Dixon’s new Paul Storey Thrillers featuring an ex-cop who specialised in .. killing people! Who would want him after an event, that ruined his professional career? As it turns out, pretty much everyone! In ‘Storey’ we find Paul Storey, after returning home to Coventry, determined to take things easy and “one day at a time” but soon he is in over his head after meeting a beautiful but manipulative young woman. What will Paul Storey meet in One Punch? Let us see what the thriller is about!

| The Blurb |

Paul Storey is an ex-cop looking for a job. Bran Doyle was a boxer but he is now looking for a driver. And perhaps a little more… Storey takes the job but soon finds himself involved in more than driving. There’s a murder. And conspiracy. And another murder. Then the real trouble starts … Will Storey be able to hold himself or be, once again, in life-threatening situations? Read the second Paul Storey Thriller and find out! 

One Punch continues the series begun by Storey, described by one reviewer as a “highly intelligent thriller”, and by others as “very entertaining”, “a great read” and “an unusual thriller”. If you like thrillers with surprising characters, intricate plots, lots of humour and exciting action, then One Punch should fit the bill.

| The Author’s Inspiration |

Author Keith Dixon shares with his readers his inspiration for the Paul Storey Thrillers in his own words:

“As so often with my books, a chance remark by a friend, or a news snippet, sparks the idea. In this instance, a friend mentioned a film he had seen which was largely about unlicensed boxing, including a bout held in Coventry, which is the setting for the Paul Storey novels. At the same time, another friend mentioned working for a family who turned out, unknown to her,  to be one of the biggest crime families in London. Putting these two separate ideas together I came up with the figure of Bran Doyle, a former boxer now living in luxury in Coventry but with underworld contacts. Paul Storey starts working for him as a driver and ‘security’ expert but soon realises there is more going on in Bran Doyle’s world, and after a couple of murders take place he sees he needs to work out what he can do to help.

The Paul Storey thrillers are crime stories but the intention is to make them not just Whodunnits but Whydunnits, too. The idea is to get inside the character and personality of everyone involved, from the good guys to the bad guys, to try to understand what motivates people to do bad things and how good guys wind up fighting them. Paul Storey is an ex-policeman so knows the ropes … but he also feels unconstrained now that he’s left the Force and is open to a wider range of opportunities than he might have been before. This can only lead to problems …”

| About the Author |

Keith Dixon Author Image

Keith Dixon is a British writer, also the author of non-crime books such as women’s literary fiction. Keith Dixon was born in Yorkshire and grew up in the Midlands. He’s been writing since he was thirteen years old in a number of different genres: thriller, espionage, science fiction, literary. Apart from the two instalments in the Paul Storey Thriller Series, the eight novels in the Sam Dyke Investigations Series and two other non-crime works, Keith also has written two collections of blog posts on the craft of writing. When he’s not writing he enjoys reading, learning the guitar, watching movies and binge-inhaling great TV series.

Learn more about Keith by following him on Twitter or by reading his blogOn his website, you can also download a couple of free books.

Bits about Books has also reviewed the first book in the Sam Dyke Investigations Series: Altered Life (my review).

| Book Info | 

One Punch - Keith Dixon - Book Cover

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Storey - Keith Dixon - Book Cover

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