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Crime & Thriller Newsletter November 2018

The November 2018 Crime & Thriller Newsletter lies before you to share with your readership on Social Media

 The Crime & Thriller November Newsletter

November’s newsletter sees a very special upcoming event: Malcolm Hollingdrake’s ‘The Penultimate Man’ once in a lifetime commemoration at the Harrogate Library on November 10th, with Rob Ashman and Nicholas Camm.

There are quite a few November releases from authors Kathryn McMaster, C.A. Asbrey, Mark L. Fowler’, and David Evans whose first three books in the Wakefield Series,  Trophies, Torment, and Talisman are being re-published by Orchard View Publications.

Plus there is Adam Croft’s latest release, his psychological thriller The Perfect Lie.

All that and more in the Crime Writers’Newsletter of November 2018!

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