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No Bodies – Robert Crouch

In ‘No Bodies’, Environmental Health Officer Kent Fisher experiences a difficult time due to his unrequited love for his beautiful assistant, Gemma, and the death of his father, leaving behind an indebted legacy which makes it necessary for his gorgeous stepmother, Niamh, to move in with Kent. Furthermore, there is a missing wife and a dodgy caterer, and on top of that, a little girl is rushed into hospital leading to allegations against Kent’s beloved animal sanctuary…


Kent Fisher Mysteries #2

The funeral of Tollingdon’s local MP and Cabinet Minister, the Right Honourable William Kenneth Fisher, is a huge occasion: everyone attends to pay respects to the deceased and to offer their sympathy to the bereaved widow, Niamh, and Fisher’s son, Kent. When you have read ‘No Accident’ (Kent Fisher #1) you know that Kent is an environmental health officer who loves to do a bit of detective work and who fiercely opposes entrepreneur Miles Birchill’s plan to build a holiday park on his beloved South Downs. The funeral has an unexpected ending for Kent, when Colonel Witherington approaches and asks him to look into the disappearance of his wife, Daphne. Opposed to her having run away with a younger man, as the police believe, the Colonel thinks something more serious is going on and he wants Kent to investigate.


Colonel Witherington is a desperate, lonely man who insists Kent pursues the investigation of his missing wife because deep in his heart, he is positive something awful must have happened to her; before his health deteriorates any further, he needs to find answers. Kent is not too keen to investigate as he shares the view of the police who think Daphne has run away with a lover but Gemma, his lovely assistant, persuades Kent to take the case. When they find out that Daphne left all her belongings behind, Kent reconsiders the possibilities and, since the man Daphne (supposedly) ran away with is a caterer, Kent now has an excuse to investigate the latter but he has to be careful as his boss is watching his every move.

Already, Kent is knee-deep in trouble: he fought with a man and, in all probability, made an enemy for life and he cannot help but argue with the undertaker, Alasdair Davenport, who is a little too eager to comfort the grieving widow, Niamh. As if that is not enough, Kent is in love with Gemma but she is now engaged to Richard. Still, we witness Gemma and Kent arguing and whether or not they realise it, it is obvious there are unresolved issues between them. Among the people Kent antagonises is Miles Birchill, and Kent is determined to not let the entrepreneur ruin his South Downs. To complicate matters, a little girl falls seriously ill and ends up in the hospital’s ICU and somehow, Kent’s animal sanctuary could be involved….

My Thoughts 

The second Kent Fisher detective novel brings us back to the stunning South Downs – I loved reconnecting to Kent Fisher, the stubborn but loveable environmental health inspector who has no problem antagonising about everyone he comes to meet. He is in love with Gemma and I suspect she reciprocates those feelings – why else would she be angry at Kent’s lack of interest? I cannot wait to find out how this plotline will evolve in the next book(s)! The well-written story is fast-paced and left me with more questions with every page turned; needless to say I read the book in one session. What an ending, wow! That promises something for the next Kent Fisher book, No Remorse! No Bodies is an entertaining novel and I loved the references to the classic detectives, such as a housekeeper who looks like she walked “straight out of an Agatha Christie novel,” a dog named Columbo, a mystery to be solved.. to name a few things. I highly recommend the series and would suggest you start with No Accident, the first book in the series.

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About the Author

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Inspired by Miss Marple, Inspector Morse and Columbo, Robert Crouch wanted to write entertaining crime fiction the whole family could enjoy. At their heart is Kent Fisher, an environmental health officer with more baggage than an airport carousel. Passionate about the environment, justice and fair play, he’s soon embroiled in murder. Drawing on his experiences as an environmental health officer, the author has created a new kind of detective who brings a unique and fresh twist to the traditional murder mystery. With complex plots, topical issues and a liberal dash of irreverent humour, the Kent Fisher mysteries offer an alternative to the standard police procedural. Robert Crouch now writes full-time and lives on the South Coast of England with his wife and their West Highland White Terrier, Harvey, who appears in the novels as Kent’s sidekick, Columbo.

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Paperback  375 pages
 Publisher  Robert Crouch (17 Oct 2017)
 ISBN  978-1549844126
 eBook  577 KB (19 Oct. 2017)

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