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One to Watch – Rachel Amphlett

Detective Kay Hunter has to practise the fine art of diplomacy when a rich young girl is found murdered while a colleague betrays her secrets …


Detective Kay Hunter #3

Sixteen-year-old Sophie is about to get engaged to Josh, the son of a rich American. The ceremony is held at her family home, the Regency mansion, quite fitting for Lady Asquith (Sophie’s mother). Before the engagement, Sophie takes a purity pledge – a vow before God, taken by Pastor Duncan, indicating that she will stay chaste until her wedding day. Sophie’s father is to guard her against anything compromising Sophie’s vow. During the party afterwards, Sophie is nowhere to be found. Until her best friend Eva stumbles over her lifeless body in the garden.


When Kay Hunter is called to the scene of the crime, for it is obvious Sophie was murdered, she has her work cut out: many guests attending the party are disrupting the crime scene, a snobbish and hysterical mother insists on being addressed with her full title, and then there’s a rich American businessman who happens to have friends in high places. To complicate matters further, the majority of the guests is either drunk or at least intoxicated.

What stuns Kay the most, is the (in her eyes) old-fashioned purity pledge the girl made, so antiquated, and taken by young women but not the men they are to marry. By the way, how far does the fatherly protection go to safeguard a daughter from losing her virginity? And why would Sophie take such a pledge, considering the circumstances and the secret she shared with her best friend Eva? Come to that, what could be the motive for murdering Sophie?

The fact that Kay has to walk on eggshells with so many influential people involved and her feeling of being transported back to a time where parents married off their children make Kay irritated. Her diplomacy is needed more than ever, especially since Detective Chief Inspector Larch, who moves in the same circles as the victim’s parents and future in-laws, is waiting for the opportunity to blame Kay for her failures and to once again be able to put her before a Professional Standards Committee.

The only person standing between them is Kay’s boss Detective Inspector Sharp. An obvious suspect without evidence linking him to the murder and the reluctance of DCI Larch to properly investigate make it tough for Kay and her colleagues, amongst whom are Gavin and Carys. There is also Kay’s secret inquiry to find out who is after her and in this respect, she endangers not only herself …

My Thoughts

I love the Kay Hunter series! The books are intriguing, exciting and have the perfect mix of Kay’s personal life with husband Adam and her professional life as a Detective Sergeant. Kay is everything a protagonist needs to be: strong yet vulnerable, driven, professional, fighting for what she believes is right and not in the least interested in political games. Unlike the first two books in the series, this third book is more a slow starter and picks up the pace as the plot thickens. I am fascinated by the intriguing, continuous story in all three books: why Kay was framed and had to appear before a Professional Standards Committee and the ongoing consequences of this situation. What can I say? Read the Kay Hunter series, you will love it! Rachel Amphlett, I need to find out who is responsible for putting Kay’s life at risk!

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About the Author

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Before moving from Britain to Australia in 2005, Rachel Amphlett has done many things: from running a pub to playing guitar in a band, from working for tv, radio and film to several jobs in the publishing business. Rachel loves to travel and plans her holidays years in advance. Rachel Amphlett is the bestselling author of the Dan Taylor espionage novels as well as a number of standalone crime thrillers. No wonder she is a member of International Thriller Writers and the Crime Writers Association.

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Pages  338
Publisher  Saxon Publishing (6 June 2017)
Paperback (ISBN)  9780994547903
E-Book (ASIN)  B071FYX47Z
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