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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Perfect Ten – Jacqueline Ward

Kind of crazy but feisty Caroline is on a path to self-destruction after her divorce which left her without her children. An unexpected delivery offers her the chance of a lifetime for.. revenge! 


“hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”
William Congreve, The Mourning Bride

When the doorbell rings, Caroline has no idea that her life is about to change radically. A delivery man with suitcases she instantly identifies as her ex-husband’s. She accepts the delivery even though she shouldn’t. But when fate deals you an ace, you’ve got to use it, right?!

Who is Caroline? And, for that matter, who is Jack, apart from being her ex-husband? Why is she scheming such an elaborate plan to not return the suitcases to him? “You crucified me,” we read but we have no idea how and why. Slowly but surely, with every memory Caroline offers and with every reaction Jack gives with regard to his missing suitcases, we discover how their marriage had been. How manipulated Caroline felt.

Let’s face it, Caroline is a bit crazy too! She picks up men in bars and regularly goes into a drunken stupor. And if it were just that… sooner or later, she will have to face the consequences! It does not take long for Jack to threaten Caroline to give him back his remaining suitcase. When Caroline does not respond, Jack contacts the police and this is when DS Lorraine Percy enters Caroline’s life and her house – and is totally shocked at the state of it. It appears Caroline has not handled the divorce and being banned from her children’s lives well. Not at all…

The contents of the final suitcase are fascinating and shocking at the same time: apparently, Jack meticulously jotted down his ‘marks’ for the women he slept with, on a scale from one to ten. Not so long ago, when they were very much in love, Caroline remembers his calling her his ‘Perfect Ten.’ And suddenly, fate has thrown her a lifeline – a way to take revenge. The perfect payback. But isn’t she still being manipulated? Will it all backfire and destroy her own life too?

My Thoughts

Perfect Ten…  A long time ago, when I worked at a bank, my fellow (yes, male!) account managers would ‘rate’ women and when I saw the book, I had no idea what the title was about… but then it clicked! What an arrogant b*rd Jack is rating women like that and to even note down the reason why! Aargh. It won’t come as a surprise that I instantly disliked Jack and felt for Caroline – #TeamCaroline that’s me!

At the same time, she is one crazy woman! The state of the house, the drunkenness, the way she acts and what she does.. really?! Still, she is simply a fascinating protagonist and even though I don’t understand fully why she does certain things, I could sympathise and feel for her. When you have lost everything when you are on the receiving end of humiliation after humiliation resulting in a life without your children, what would you do when suddenly, chance throws you a lifeline?

It almost feels as if Caroline awakes and finally takes control over her life again but the results are pretty devastating and quite shocking. Jacqueline Ward has masterfully women us an intricate and twisted tale of love, hate, revenge and manipulation. We perceive how nothing is what it seems and how we each create our own truth. Fascinating! What a superb debut novel, I highly recommend it.

About the Author

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Jacqueline Ward writes stories about strong women and their lives and loves, exploring the real-life emotions of revenge, obsession, rage, trust, guilt and joy.
Jacqueline is also the author of the DS Jan Pearce crime fiction series Random Acts of Unkindness, Playlist for a Paper Angel and What I Left Behind, and SmartYellowTM, in the pen name of J A Christy.

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Book Info

‘Perfect Ten’ is available at Amazon:

Pages 320
Publisher Corvus; Main edition (4 April 2019)
ISBN (paperback) 9781786493781
ASIN (ebook) B079YF2S9X

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