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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

In Plain Sight – MA Comley

Detective Inspector Hero Nelson has his work cut out for him when a serial killer targets the Police Force at random – leaving a bloody trail to be followed


A Hero Series #3

Detective Inspector Hero Nelson is back in what could perhaps be the most difficult case of his career! As this is my first Hero novel, it is an educated guess since the Police are targeted by a psychopath who gets a kick out of making people suffer before slaughtering them. The case is all the more haunting to Hero Nelson as this comes close to home. Bob Myers is not your usual suspect as he does not care whether he is seen on CCTV footage – he is hiding in plain sight.


A police car is in pursuit of a car. If the two policemen concerned knew the man they are following, Bob Myers, was on a mission to kill, they would have called in for assistance. For them, it is too late. For the rest of the Police force, the case of the sadistic serial killer has just begun. When Hero examines the scene he is appalled not only by the viciousness of the attack on the two police officers, but also because the two dead men are known as colleagues and friends both to him and his partner Julie Shaw. Although Julie is Hero’s partner, he feels he is on thin ice with her every time he makes a remark. This is the last thing Hero needs when they are under such pressure. A local postmaster has been found murdered and the perpetrator has already moved on to his next victims, obviously enjoying the torture he inflicts before murdering them. Who is the psychopath and what is his motive? The police are looking for clues but we are witness to Bob Myers’s thoughts and, believe me, they are neither comforting nor peaceful. A brutal and vengeful psychopath with a shotgun is on the loose – Hero needs all the help he can get!

 My Thoughts 

This is the first book featuring Hero Nelson I read and boy, I love him! Even if he reprimands his wife for stating the obvious (!) and can be a bit of a Mr Grumpy sometimes, he has all the qualities that make him a … hero! Do not blame me for this word play, blame Hero’s mother for naming her son something he supposedly his whole life has to live up to! To be honest, I could not feel much empathy for his partner Julie Shaw, even if she had her issues. The author gives us a scary insight into the mind of a very disturbed man who gets off on torturing and killing people. Even if there was a reason behind it all, still it seems the darker side of Bob Myers has always been a part of him struggling to surface and to start down its destructive spiral. This has a true-to-life feel with the diverse characters of the team and the intriguing, yet disturbing fact that the Police have no idea where to look for their killer. In Plain Sight is a fast-paced and captivating thriller and a great read!

 The Hero Series consists of three books, the previous books are:
Book #1 Torn ApartBook #2 End Result

About the Author

MA Comley Author Image

M(el) A. Comley is a British author whose move to France enabled her to turn her writing hobby into a career and became an author. She started out writing romances but her successes were there when she decided to dive in the world of thrillers. After having tried out several jobs, from an interior designer to a barmaid, a store manager and having an own business, her true passion just could not be stopped anymore. According to Mel’s own words, she has “ found my vocation in life.” Among her works are the bestselling ‘Justice Series’, the ‘Intention Series’, the ‘DI Sally Parker’ thrillers, the ‘Hero Series’, psychological thrillers and the ‘A Sweet Romance’ series.

Book Info

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 Paperback   192 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (10 March 2017)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1912175061
 ISBN-13  978-1912175062

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