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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Red Cobra – Rob Sinclair

Ex-contract killer Ryker is forced back into his former job when THE RED COBRA the cold-blooded female contract killer appears to have been murdered …


James Ryker Thriller #1

She is a (former) contract killer, he used to be an assassin for the Joint Intelligence Agency. Both are extremely good at what they do. She is the legendary Red Cobra – you can call him James Ryker, perhaps less famous but almost as good as her. They are opposites, or perhaps not? There is a hint of rivalry and sexual tension in the air – what lingers is the smell of blood and murderous intentions. Now someone has accessed her profile in the JIA database and then horribly murdered her. Can the Red Cobra really be dead? James Ryker needs to find out even if it means putting himself in lethal danger.


James Ryker and his wife Lisa thought they were over and done with their past: he used to work for the British JIA, she was an FBI agent. When their paths crossed and exploded in a ‘Bonnie-and-Clyde’ scene they decided to run away and hide, start a new life together even if they have to constantly ensure no one can find them. Now the JIA wants Ryker to investigate the cruel death of a woman in Spain, supposedly the Red Cobra. More worrying, the JIA database has been hacked to find her. Someone in the JIA cannot be trusted and only one man is able to find out who is responsible for killing the Red Cobra: James Ryker. As soon as Ryker learns about the Red Cobra, a former rival and lover, he knows he has to investigate. Lisa hates him going and fears for his life but Ryker is determined to find out who is after the Red Cobra. He knows the murdered woman was someone else, implying that the hunt for the Red Cobra is not over yet.

To know who the woman called the Red Cobra is we have to go back to Serbia and Georgia. How could Anna Abayev not have become an assassin when it was in her blood, her DNA, as her father was an infamous contract-for-hire. He left her as a fourteen-year-old girl in the cruel hands of Colonel Kankava, something both men would live to regret. The Red Cobra is known for her ability to get close to her victim unseen and unheard by any guards until her task is complete. Now Ryker has to go to Spain and find out what happened, if the dead woman is the Red Cobra and if not, how they are connected. More importantly: who is the mole in the JIA? Ryker has no idea that he is walking into a lion’s den. There are Georgian mobsters, bent rich entrepreneurs, a seductive woman and sadistic bodyguard, intrigues, tortures and murder. To top it all there she is, his old-time foe and lover, superb in all she does: the Red Cobra.

My Thoughts

Rob Sinclair, please consider making this a series as I savoured this crime thriller in one session and it blew me away. I am sure you know what this is about as I say there is a further story just waiting to be told!  The thriller is well-written and the protagonists are interesting and intriguing characters. I love the original concept of this thriller featuring two professional assassins who, as a reader, you even sympathise with. The plot is very cleverly written and I loved everything about it.  There is a lot of violence in The Red Cobra but, in my eyes, it is an essential part of the storyline. You cannot expect someone who kills for a living not to be surrounded by savagery. I can highly recommend this exciting crime thriller!

About the Author

Rob Sinclair Author Image

Rob Sinclair is a British author, who after finishing his studies, worked for a global accounting firm, where he specialised in forensic fraud investigations at (inter)national levels. He started his writing career following a challenge from his wife, an avid reader. He proved her and us, the readers, that he can write chilling thrillers, starting with the trilogy ‘The Enemy Series’, featuring Intelligence Agent Carl Logan. ‘Dance with the Enemy‘ (2014) is book #1 of the series, ‘Rise of the Enemy‘ (2015) book #2 and finally ‘Hunt for the Enemy‘ (2016) the third book in the series. End 2016 was his psychological thriller ‘Dark Fragments’ published by Bloodhound Books (my review).

Book Info

 Paperback   374 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (29 Mar. 2017)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10   1912175118
 ISBN-13  978-1912175116

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