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Reflections – Cassandra Riley

This is a story of love, a connection so strong that it defines the eighty-year-old couple Edward and Daphne whose lives are about to change…


“The story that explains Happily Ever After”

This novella brings you warmth, smiles, and a lump in the throat. It’s about an elderly couple spending their lifetime together – a life of happiness combined with grief for the loss of beloved ones, of helping and guiding their children growing up on that rocky path to adulthood, of lively and memorable family meetings.


Edward and Daphne have trouble doing their daily chores and they have decided the time has come to move to a nursing home. Away from the home their children grew up in, the lovely house with its yard filled with children’s laughter where life was celebrated. Sitting in their rocking chairs Daphne and Edward remember the special moments in their life such as their first encounter and his proposal, the birth of their children and grandchildren, a lot to be thankful for. Their son Christopher will come in the morning and take them to the nursing home and his parents are determined to show him they are positive about the move and leaving their beloved home. They know a house can only become a home when your loved ones are there: you carry your home in your heart as long as you are with the love of your life. Do you know Edward still thinks of his wife as beautiful, inside and out? That Daphne’s heart is able to flutter whenever he looks into her eyes? This special couple is ready to move and to make something of their remaining days.

My Thoughts

This is a touching and romantic tale of a love that lies before us, of a love growing stronger with the years, through difficulties and grief but most of all through many happy times. They feel grateful for their life, for their (grand)children, for their ability to laugh and be joyful with friends and family, because “laughter is life’s greatest reward”, so Daphne. Reminiscing is realising how lucky you are – we could all use memories like that. A heartwarming tale of love.

About the Author

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Cassandra Riley grew up in Virginia and received a B.A. from Christopher Newport University. She is the author of the romantic Coastal Love Trilogy novels, ‘of which Letting Go (book 1) and Holding On (book 2) are available.

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 eBook  Kindle – 845KB
 Publisher   Cassandra Riley (17 Aug. 2016)
 Language   English

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