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Remember – Shervin Jamali

Remember is such an outstanding story – it left me crying. A love story with an extraordinary and dark twist, a harsh reality and a hidden past… death, destruction and devastation but also joy, happiness and love.., Remember is magical and inspiring and makes you believe in love –
in soulmates, in destiny.


“The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places.”
Ernest Hemingway, author & journalist (1899-1861)

A husband sitting at his wife’s deathbed. What time do they have left together? Too soon, Gracie is no more and Daniel is completely devastated. With her dying breath, Gracie told him about their eight grandchildren – the sad reality is that they met late in life, too late to have children, let alone grandchildren. Gracie must have been delusional in her last moments on earth. Too aggravated by grief to think clearly, Daniel does not know how to handle this but somehow, Gracie’s words are stuck in his mind. Part of him desperately wants to believe it, wants to find out more, discover the truth…

“We’re all broken pieces underneath. When the shit hits the fan, all we can do is dance”
Grace, Daniel’s wife


For over a decade, Daniel has been sober. Thanks to the AA and his friend, Brendan who literally dragged him along all those years ago. Ironically, Brendan is the owner of an Irish pub called ‘Gisby’s. When Daniel enters Gisby’s two days after Gracie’s funeral, it is not to pay a visit to his friend – he is only interested in what Brendan has to offer. Whisky. The words between the friends are few but painful and frankly, Brendan does not stand a chance keeping his friend off the wagon. Daniel is too far gone to care and extremely annoyed when a man approaches him. He wants to be left alone, surely that is not difficult to understand?

After accepting a drink, Daniel blurts out his wife has died but not before saying something strange. That is when the man tells him he is a hypnotherapist. “What a bunch of bullshit,” is all Daniel can think before he lets the alcohol drown out his sorrows. He has his own future planned. Better yet, his non-future. But Gracie’s words keep nagging him, haunt his foggy brain. Until he can take it no longer and decides to find out. His is a most difficult, violent and painful journey to discover the truth. Not only will it see him in mortal danger but also in situations beyond his control, beyond his wildest imaginings. There is darkness and deviousness along the way but also friendship and love but most of all, it will prove to be life changing…

My Thoughts

Wow. Wow. I LOVE Remember. What an intricate tale of heaven and earth, of friendship and viciousness but most of all a wonderful, be it dark, a story of love. Of soulmates and destiny. I cannot divulge too much as I want you – NEED you to read Shervin Jamali’s novella for yourself. It is brilliant and left me in tears – gave me goosebumps and took me on a whirlwind of emotions before finally reaching the mindblowing ending. And even then… gosh, I loved that.. once again, the goosebumps appeared. Even now when I am writing this down and reliving those final words in the book…

What a talent, what an author to capture such an emotive and yet twisted story with his unique writing style that is confronting and down-to-earth (and that is quite funny but I will not tell you why!) with witty humour always shining through, for instance in the titles of the chapters. Daniel’s character, even if we do not like his initial harsh comments, we cannot but empathise and grief with him for the loss of his wife. We cannot but understand why he is drowning away his sorrows. Then, slowly, bit by bit, I noticed I quite liked him and wished it would work out well for him, even forgave him his actions. That is what a good author does – draw you into his story so you find yourself alongside their character.  That is what Shervin Jamali does. Love it. I highly recommend ‘Remember’ – all of Shervin Jamali’s books!

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About the Author

Shervin Jamali Author Image

Shervin Jamali has been writing for as long as he can remember as he had so many stories “locked away” but it wasn’t until he completed the first draft of “The Devil’s Lieutenant” that he decided to turn his writings into books. His books are the perfect outlet for his daytime job as an IT consultant and he looks forward to the day he will be a full-time writer. After having lived in sunny Florida, Shervin Jamali now resides in Knoxville, Tennessee. In his spare time, Shervin likes to put together jigsaw puzzles whilst contemplating plots for his next book.

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‘Remember’ is available at Amazon:

Paperback  164 pages
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (26 May 2018)
ISBN 9781987526608
eBook 1570 KB (01 July 2018)

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