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Ronaldo The Reindeer Flying Academy – Maxine Sylvester

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A charming children’s book and engrossing tale of young Ronaldo, the reindeer who loves his magazine ‘The Weekly Flyer’, his pancakes and .. to fly! 


The Ronaldo Series book #1

Christmas is on its way: who wouldn’t be staring at the skies, waiting for the snow to fall and for Santa Claus to ride his sleigh? What a perfect time to pick up this charming book with delightful drawings. Your (grand)children will be enchanted by the engrossing tale of young Ronaldo, the reindeer who loves his magazine ‘The Weekly Flyer’, his pancakes and .. to fly!


Ronaldo is a young reindeer, living with his mum and dad in Beresford. It’s not the North Pole, but it can be very cold. Ronaldo is sleeping now and when he wakes up it will be Saturday. That is a special day in Ronaldo’s home: his dad makes pancakes for breakfast! They are so yummy! Ronaldo and his dad love them. So when there is one left who will take it? Would you care to guess?


When Ronaldo reads his ‘The Weekly Flyer’ he dreams about one day becoming a member of the North Pole Reindeer Team, like his hero Vixen. He’s a great flyer and do you know that he holds the endurance record of 14 circles? You probably don’t know about Ronaldo’s grandfather either: he used to be a famous delivery reindeer at the North Pole.  Think about it, how great is that?!

Now Ronaldo is off to meet his friend Rudi because it’s Saturday and that means it is time to go to The Reindeer Flying Academy.  Ronaldo and Rudi have been practising their flying skills for weeks. Today is a big day because it is competition time: to test their flying abilities and they have to enter the endurance challenge! You remember, Vixen holds the record as champion of all times.

Ronaldo is so excited, this is what he dreamed about, to show everyone that he can be an excellent flying reindeer! If he wants Santa Claus to ever choose him for the North Pole Reindeer Team then this is his chance. He takes an extra carrot – they are good for your strength according to his mother – and is determined to show his grandfather and his hero Vixen that he can do it.


Would you like to know how Ronaldo performed? And what happened after the endurance challenge? When he got home? There are bath bombs and something green and … well you just have to read and see it for yourself!

My Thoughts

Maxine Silvester (what’s in a name!) has written and illustrated a lovely, charming and humorous tale of the young enthusiastic reindeer Ronaldo who dreams of being as good a flying reindeer as his hero Vixen. The illustrations are in black-and-white as being “more in line with the 7-10 age group” according to the author, but I would have loved to see the drawings in colour, especially since there are so many colour references in the stories.

Having said that, the book is captivating and I simply love it – the story is twofold, it’s an entertaining tale of flying reindeers, but you could also, if you like, talk about the importance of brushing your teeth, why to eat vegetables, the need to keep warm in the cold. I can highly recommend this first book in ‘The Ronaldo Series’ and hope there are many more to follow!

About the Author

Maxine Sylvester Author Image

Maxine Sylvester grew up with a passion for Winnie the Pooh and Paddington Bear. Maxine’s love of ‘fun’ art grew and she had the privilege of being mentored by cartoonist and caricaturist, Steve Chadburn. She completed further studies in children’s book illustration with talented artist and illustrator, Jan Nesbitt. The second in the series is ‘Ronaldo The Phantom Carrot Snatcher and Maxine is currently working on Rudi’s Birthday, the third in the Ronaldo series, due for release in 2017.

Book Info

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 Ebook; Kindle ed.  File size: 5230 kb, print size 82 pages
 Suitable for  Ages 5 – 8
 Publisher  Maxine Sylvester (16 December 2015)
 Language  English

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