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Savage Games – Peter Boland

Thrilled to be reconnected to the flawed – and therefore, oh, so likeable – John Savage, who has to go through the gates of hell to find out what has happened to a friend and his son. Tormented by his alter ego and feelings of guilt, Savage is prepared to risk his life…

John Savage Action Thriller #2

The Book

A body hidden in a tree.
A forest full of dark secrets. 
A man determined to find the truth…

John Savage receives the shocking news that his friend has been found dead in bizarre circumstances. His body hidden in the branches of a towering fir tree in the New Forest. Savage vows to find out who is responsible.  

Together with brilliant computer hacker Tannaz, he discovers his friend was down on his luck, living among those who society would rather forget – the dregs, the desperate and the homeless. 

Entering this dark and dangerous world, Savage soon discovers that the death of his friend was just the tip of the iceberg…

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My Thoughts

Yes! John Savage is back! And with him a character I hugely admire: Tannaz. She’s fearless and has a way with computers no one else has. An unmissable alley for Savage! I did not know what to think of the story – a man hanging high up a tree. Most definitely murder, right? But why in such an elaborate way?

There is something strange going on and Savage, driven by guilt, feels obliged to investigate. Even more so when the son of the victim also hangs himself. Is it the circumstances but Savage’s inner demon is playing up again and I really ‘enjoy’ – I know that sounds weird but it is simply fascinating – the conversations between Savage and his inner demon.

Their main suspect is a man who terrorises whole neighbourhoods and I could not think of any connection between him, the decayed buildings where people live who have no other place to go – so I just had to keep on reading to find out!

Peter Boland does an excellent job of describing life in these ‘estates’ – you feel disgusted at the abhorrent circumstances and feel so sorry for the creatures, trapped with nowhere to go. My heart went out to Dink, loved how Savage took him under his wing.

An entertaining, shocking, at times brutal and confronting, fast-paced thriller – a real page-turner!

About the Author

Peter Boland Author Image

After studying to be an architect, Pete realised he wasn’t very good at it. He liked designing buildings he just couldn’t make them stand up, which is a bit of a handicap in an industry that likes to keep things upright. So he switched to advertising, writing ads for everything from cruise lines to zombie video games.

After becoming disillusioned with working in ad agencies, he switched to writing novels (or was it because he wanted to work at home in his pyjamas?). He soon realised there’s no magic formula. You just have to put one word in front of the other (and keep doing that for about a year). It also helps if you can resist the lure of surfing, playing Nintendo Switch with his son, watching America’s Next Top Model with his daughter and drinking beer in a garden chair.  

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 PublisherCreative Adrenalin (4 April 2019)
 ISBN (paperback)9780993569524
 ASIN (e-book)B07N7J7JHY


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