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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

A Season for Dying – Sharmishtha Shenoy

When people are randomly murdered and the serial killer openly challenges the Hyderabad Police, only one man is able to stop the murderer: Vikram Rana


The Vikram Rana Series #2

When a lovely young woman is murdered in her own home and as we read “he mentally struck one name off his list,” you know a killer is on the loose and he will strike again. What we are not yet aware of is the killer’s need for attention which comes to light with every letter he writes, announcing the date of the next murder. Such brutality is quite shocking and Inspector Gopi Reddy of the Hyderabad Police is at a loss where to look for the murderer. He needs help and for that, he turns to his friend and ex Police Officer, Vikram Rana, the man combining Hercule Poirot’s grey cells with a love for chai!


Mr Kinshuk Jain, the editor of  The Telangana Times, believes the email he receives dated April 1st, titled ‘A Season for Dying’ is a hoax. A killer who says his name is Prakash explicitly describes (with photo evidence) how he brutally murdered a housewife. Even more intriguing, he lets his audience know there will be another killing on April 15th. And to top it all the email ends with “Catch me if you can.” Upon investigating and finding the slaughtered body of the housewife, Inspector Gopi Reddy is given the case. And Reddy knows if he ever wants to solve it he needs his friend and former colleague, Vikram Rana. Whilst we anxiously await the next murder, we learn the story of the door-to-door salesman and drug addict Satya, who admits drugs is “the curse” of his life and who is desperate to stay clean but fails at every attempt. Satya is concerned for what he might do when he is high as he has no recollection of his acts afterwards. When the second murder takes place and Gopi Reddy and Vikram are no closer to catching the killer who appears to choose his victims at random, the public pressure is rising as every theory sofar has been proven wrong. Are they able to stop the serial killer?

My Thoughts 

This is the first book I read by this author and on every page, you feel her love for detective novels and mysteries and for the authors such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Dame Agatha Christie as there are references to them both. Whilst this is lovely, the many characters and the way they are extensively introduced as well as the descriptive narration style of the author detracted from and interceded with the story, so slowing the plotline down. The character of Vikram Rana is that of a man, who has an excellent reputation but has difficulty handling his own wife; most touching was how he took an affront and turned it into a stimulant to truly become “a man of value.” The outset of the detective novel is intriguing and I loved the voice of the alleged killer interspersing the investigation and challenging Inspector Gopi Reddy and Detective Vikram Rana. When you think you know who did it .. you are wrong and you just have to wait for the plotline to slowly unravel …

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About the Author 

Sharmishtha Shenoy Author Image

Sharmishtha Shenoy is the author of the book Vikram Rana Investigates.Her short stories have been published in Efiction Magazine and Woman’s Era. She also loves writing murder mysteries, the kind of books that she herself likes to read. Her favourite authors are Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. She also likes the work of Satyajit Ray – especially the Feluda Series. She was born in Calcutta and has done her post-graduation from the University of Reading, Great Britain. She lives in Hyderabad.

Book Info 

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Paperback  200 pages
 Publisher  CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (23 Feb. 2017)
 ISBN  978-1544139647
 eBook  538 KB (13 July 2017)
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