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Contemporary,  Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Shadows of Regret – Ross Greenwood

Shadows of Regret is Ross Greenwood’s latest psychological thriller and boy, you will want to read it!
With a life behind bars and scars that will never fade, Katie is a resilient protagonist but will she find her way?


A woman leaves prison after sixteen years inside. Katie did not think she ever would. Now she has to get back into society – but society has changed. A lot. Will she be able to rebuild her life? She has to live with rules and to report regularly, however, she soon wishes that were all. With the past haunting her Katie faces huge problems in the present and soon, she’ll have to make a choice…

My Thoughts

Ross Greenwood has done it again! I LOVE Shadows of Regret – a psychological thriller that grabs you and won’t let go until you’ve finished it. The book is well-researched not only showing the author’s background as a prison officer but also his personal (compassionate, love that!) thoughts on the system and circumstances of the people – women – imprisoned.

Katie has an engaging personality and you can just empathise with her and the girl she once was – how betrayed and trapped she feels and how it affects her vision on life. There’s more to her character – the author only shows you bits at a time – just like the memories Katie re-lives one at a time. With each shadow from the past revealed, I wanted to know more. To understand. Fascinating and gripping.

A captivating thriller that has you on the edge. With his usual expressive and engaging writing style, Ross Greenwood draws you into the life of Katie and you just got to love her strength and resilience… and fear for what she will decide next, how she will cope with what life deals her. That capability is what makes a writer an author – and Shadows of Regret a book I highly recommend! 

About Ross Greenwood

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Ross Greenwood was born in 1973 in Peterborough and lived there until he was 20, attending The King’s School in the city. He then began a rather nomadic existence, living and working all over the country and various parts of the world. Ross found himself returning to Peterborough many times over the years, usually, so he says “when things had gone wrong.” It was on one of these occasions that he met his partner about 100 metres from his back door whilst walking a dog. Two children swiftly followed. And, according to Ross, he is “still a little stunned by the pace of it now.” All the author’s books are thought-provoking and told with a sense of humour. Ross Greenwood hopes you enjoy reading them.

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Shadows of Regret

Book Info 

  Shadows of Regret is available at Amazon

Paperback  355 pages
 Publisher Ross Greenwood (20 Jan 2019)
 ISBN (paperback) 9781790419326
 ASIN (e-book) B07KXZDCWF

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