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Contemporary,  Romance

The Shop on Main – Kay Correll

In Comfort Crossing love is hanging in the air when Bella comes across city man Owen. There is more than meets the eye in this enjoyable romance..


As the last days of May are coming to an end, we feel the warm days of summer approaching. So let us select some nice books for the upcoming summer holidays, pleasant reads with a touch of love hanging in the air. Look what I found for you:  the romantic Comfort Crossing series by Kay Correll, at the present consisting of four books (plus two little holiday novellas). Come with me and explore the first book of the series, inviting us to the rural little Southern town of Mississippi, Comfort Crossing, where everybody knows each other.


Bella is struggling to make ends meet, to pick up her life with her two boys after her divorce from controlling husband Rick. Bella has pursued her dream of opening her own Bella’s Vintage Shop on Main Street in Comfort Crossing. Slowly the shop is earning Bella some cash, she even manages to put something into her savings account, money that will give her the independence she longs for. Bella is grateful for the support of her two best friends Jenny and Becky Lee. Becky Lee is a waitress at the Magnolia Cafe, where the food is delicious and the drinks are non-alcoholic. The three of them are best friends since high school and Jenny and Becky Lee are the only ones calling Bella by her nickname Izzy. New to Comfort Crossing is city businessman Owen, eager to connect to his half-brother Jake, a fact never acknowledged by their father. Owen feels he needs to do everything in his power to undo his father’s neglect.

Owen’s mission is to help Sylvia, Jake’s mother, who is recovering from cancer. He wants to buy the shop on Main Street and reinstate Sylvia there as head of her own restaurant, the same one that had to close down years ago. As things are set in motion, Owen is completely bedazzled by gorgeous redhead Izzy, her green eyes and enchanting smile. For the first time in his life Owen envisions a bright future, he starts to like the friendly town and its inhabitants. His hopes are up, but is he able to fit in this community when Jake has forbidden him to tell anyone about the fact that they are siblings? Owen is falling in love with Izzy but he is unaware of the fact that his plans will destroy her future and dreams. Izzy thinks she can finally trust a man again but will it be a mistake, causing her to lose everything dear to her?

My Thoughts

This is a lovely, fairly uncomplicated small-town romance novel, the first in the Comfort Crossing books series, set in Southern Mississippi. It is a nice and easy summer read, with all the ingredients laid out: secrets and betrayal, love and romance. Nothing deep, nothing complicated, just what you need on the beach or the balcony when the evenings are sunny and warm. The author’s writing style is pleasant which makes this contemporary romance an enjoyable read.

About the Author

Kay Correll Author Image

Kay Correll writes stories that are a cross between contemporary romance and women’s fiction. She likes her women’s fiction with a healthy dose of happily-ever-after. Her stories are set in the fictional small southern town of Comfort Crossing, Mississippi. Kay lives in Missouri and can often be found out and about with her camera, taking a myriad of photographs, often incorporating them into her book covers. When not lost in her writing or photography, she can be found spending time with her ever-supportive husband, playing with her puppies, working in her garden, or—her most favourite pastime—eating chocolate.

Each book in the Comfort Crossing series can be read as stand-alone. The following books in the series are: ‘The Memory Box’, ‘The Letter’ and ‘The Magnolia Cafe’. The holiday novellas are ‘A Christmas Cottage’ and ‘The Christmas Scarf’.

Book Info

 Paperback   210 pages
 Publisher   Rose Quartz Press (14 July 2014)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0990482219
 ISBN-13  978-0990482215

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