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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Sinful Deception – Linda S. Prather & M.A. Comley

Danger surrounds Alexandra Fox, part of a Special Investigations Unit. She is on the hunt for the Escape Artist and investigating the murders of young girls


Deception Series #2

 The ‘Deception Series’ consists of thrilling and fascinating detective novels and after finishing the first I just dived right into this one!  It is exciting to be back with the New York Police Department and especially to reconnect with Alexandra Fox, now a Detective of the Special Investigations Unit. Will Alex be able to catch the Escape Artist, responsible for the torture and murder of her sister and numerous other gruesome killings? He is closing in, the danger is near for Alex and all those surrounding her. Follow Alex and her colleagues on their hazardous path to bring the murderer to justice.


On the first pages, we are witness to a horrible scene between a mother and her 15-year-old daughter Candy. This is the final straw for Candy: she leaves their caravan at the trailer park. Where to go? When an older couple take care of her, bring her as a victim to Val Jackson, Candy ends up killing them both. It’s to kill or be killed for Candy; Val Jackson uses people as specimens for medical experience: Val recognises in Candy a hidden quality, now surfacing as it is obvious Candy enjoys the pleasure of killing. On TV it is announced that the bodies of three young women have been found – is it connected to the place Candy is now? The organs have been professionally removed out of the young women’s bodies which makes establishing a cause of death difficult. Could this be the work of the sadistic serial killer the Escape Artist, responsible for the death of Alexandra Fox’s sister?

If you read the first book in the ‘Deception Series’ you have met Alex Fox, the British policewoman who started working for the New York Police Department over a year ago. Alex has come to New York because she believes that is where the Escape Artist can be found, even if he is British. The serial killer is infamous for the tortures his victims have to endure before they are killed. We have seen him closing in upon Alex, influencing her life and her friends amongst whom are Sergeant Matt ‘Nobby’ Adams and her godfather Chief Brown. Alex is now a Detective and part of a combined FBI/NYPD Special Investigations Unit, handling difficult and complex cases.  Apart from Alex the team consist of FBI agents Tamara and Reefer and NYPD detectives Crimshaw and Gabriella Sams. Also, a team member is the imprisoned criminal psychologist Blake Morgan with his incisive mind.

Alex is wary of the fact that the Escape Artist has contacted her, wants to give her a present for her upcoming birthday. When her former Chief, Commander Patterson – the one who suspended Alex repeatedly, goes missing, the team are inclined to suspect that that might be the birthday present the serial killer is presenting to Alex: the torture of Patterson as a punishment for the way her former Chief treated her. Now they have two cases to investigate: the murder of the three girls and the abduction of Patterson. When one of the girls is identified, it’s time to question the family to find clues, leading to whoever abducted and murdered her. The professionalism with which the organs are removed point at the Escape Artist but why would he be executing medical experiments? If he doesn’t torture and kill for punishment, what is his ulterior motive or his interest?

The fact that the Escape Artist is getting closer unnerves the team and when he assaults Alex in her apartment, all team members are on edge. They need to stop an abductor and killer from molesting any more young girls, while simultaneously investigating the whereabouts of the Escape Artist the one who changes his appearance and his voice as easily as a chameleon. Meanwhile, the killer contacts Alex directly and warns her off on alerting the others in her team or he will have to punish her again, Alex has to act out the most difficult role she has ever performed: letting him, Samael, think she likes him forsaking other men for him. At the same time, Candy is rapidly getting familiar with what Val Jackson is doing and, having enjoyed the thrill of killing already, Candy is blood-thirsty for more, suggesting a “delightful, sinful deception” to stage her own death and murder her mother.

My Thoughts

The second book in the Deception Series is as intriguing, fascinating and engaging as the first one and I love it! Where to begin .. the exhilarating storyline, the well-written scenes, the excellent plot, the insights into the feelings of the different team members, who we get to know better now, it’s all there combined in a hell of a read! I am so impressed by this series and the combined efforts of both the authors – you cannot distinguish the one voice from the other. It’s difficult to stop, once you’re in, you need to know what happens next! I would recommend reading the first book ‘Tragic Deception’ (my review), as it not only is a fantastic read but also provides the reader with the necessary background and the introduction to Alex Fox and the other members of her team.

About the Authors

Linda S. Prather Author Image

Linda S. Prather is an American author living in Lexington, Kentucky, who has always liked things outside the norm. She has studies metaphysics, including areas of dream analysis and meditation and became a paranormal investigator. The power of the mind has always fascinated Linda and in her writings, she combines her love for mysteries with her love for the paranormal.  As an author Linda strives, in her own words “to create stories and characters that readers and love and hate, laugh and cry with and spend hours in sheer entertainment.” Linda has written series like the ‘Jacody Ives Mysteries’, the ‘Jenna James Legal Thrillers’ and the ‘Catherine Mans’ Suspense’ books.

M.A. Comley Author Image

M(el) A. Comley is a British author whose move to France enabled her to turn her writing hobby into a career and became an author. She started out writing romances but her successes were there when she decided to dive in the world of thrillers. After having tried out several jobs, from an interior designer to a barmaid, a store manager and having an own business, her true passion just could not be stopped anymore. According to Mel’s own words, she has “ found my vocation in life.” Among her works are the bestselling’Justice Series’, the ‘Intention Series’, the ‘DI Sally Parker’ thrillers, the ‘Hero Series’, psychological thrillers and the ‘A Sweet Romance’ series.

Book Info

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 Paperback   224 pages
 Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (4  Dec. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1540822060
 ISBN-13   978-1540822062

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