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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

Sleep Tight – Caroline Mitchell

DS Ruby Preston is back in this catchy crime thriller and how! With her red high heels, her red lips and matching nails she is ready to kick some ass!


Detective Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series #2

Ruby is a first class Detective Sergeant – perhaps not that good at keeping her love for baddie Nathan Crosby a secret from her colleagues in the Police Force. Especially not when he is the prime suspect in what turns out to be a series of horrible murders. When fairy tales collide with a gruesome reality – horrors will follow! Find out what Ruby is up to!


It all begins with a doctor – quite innocently it seems. But something is terribly wrong as he is using a razor blade for a cut-throat “bringing beauty to a dark and unforgiving world.” Alarm bells sound when the doctor has finished and is satisfied with his “handiwork” because his form of creating art is not something you will find in any gallery. DS Ruby Preston hates it when she arrives at the crime scene of a young woman, lying naked on the grass in a park. With no witnesses, Ruby’s only way of gathering information is a homeless guy who points her at a pawn shop for the girl’s jewellery. The homeless man is part of Nathan Crosby’s network. Nathan Crosby is Ruby’s childhood sweetheart with whom she later had her daughter, Cathy. They had a difficult back story because where Ruby is a Police Officer, Nathan is on the other side of the thin blue line: he and his brother run a criminal organisation, own real estate, pubs and clubs.

Nathan is the reason why Ruby’s boss is eyeing her suspiciously: he is only too aware of her connection with Nathan and he does not like it, and then there is the attraction he feels for Ruby. When a suspect has been arrested, the case seems solved until the next young woman is found, this time dressed as Snow White. Is the man Ruby arrested for murder a killer or is there another murderer, perhaps even a serial killer on the loose? Whoever the culprit, he clearly has an in-depth knowledge of fairy tales in addition to a sick and twisted mind. Ruby is appalled by the horrific ‘adjustments’ the murderer has done to the girl. There is a macabre piece of evidence pointing a finger directly at Ruby’s lover Nathan. Ruby is determined to prevent Nathan from being arrested but the two murdered women deserve their killer be caught. There are more lives at stake: young women who are in danger as long as the killer is on the loose.

My Thoughts 

This catchy crime thriller contains all the ingredients I love: a serial killer without a conscience, revenge, murders, complicated love and a detective carefully trying to balance her work and her personal life – and failing at it. The Prologue of the book draws you in and you just have to read on. Being new to Ruby Preston, I loved the description of a woman not afraid to get into sometimes quite dangerous situations who, on the other hand, has her coordinated days with high red heels, matching red lips and ditto nails! However, next up she is meeting Nathan in a dirty derelict building with shingle underfoot – a heavy toll on those red pumps I would think! Having said that, Ruby Preston is rapidly becoming a favourite detective of mine – I love Caroline Mitchell’s entertaining writing style and the way she expertly mixes police investigations with the personal lives of the detectives. A thoroughly enjoyable fast-paced crime thriller. I’m definitely up for the next Ruby Preston Crime Thriller!

The DS Ruby Preston Crime Thriller Series consists of three books, the other books in the series are:
#1 Love You to Death
#3 Murder Game (to be published Oct 31st, 2017)

About the Author

Caroline Mitchell Author Image

Caroline Mitchell is a former police detective who has worked in CID and specialised in roles dealing with vulnerable victims, high-risk victims of domestic abuse, and serious sexual offences. She now writes full time. Caroline is originally from Ireland and lives with her family in a village on the coast of Essex.  In 2010, Caroline and her family found themselves victims of unexplained paranormal occurrences in their home. Compelled to write of her true experiences, her first book, Paranormal Intruder was released and became an Amazon bestseller in the supernatural category. Using her personal experiences in both the police and the paranormal, she went on to write the DC Jennifer Knight supernatural crime series which reached top positions in Amazon’s crime charts. Check out Caroline’s books here 

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