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Snugs the Snow Bear – Suzy Davies

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Little, loveable, huggable snow bear Snugs drifts afloat on a melting iceberg, guided by the Northern Lights, and he is far away from home when a cruise ship saves him   


If only Snugs had known that his iceberg was melting … perhaps he would have stayed in Santa Claus’ Magical Greenland? Snugs loves the beautiful Northern Lights but now he is cold and lonely and his iceberg is melting and drifting far away from home. What will happen to Snugs? Come with me and let us find out!


Snugs lives happily in Magical Greenland, the “wonderful wilderness of ice” where there is magic all around you. How can it not be when you are living in the land of Santa Claus and his moose? Unlike Snugs, who is white, the moose have a brown fur and huge antlers. But now Snugs has problems because he is lost at sea. What to do? Then he sees the colourful Northern Lights guiding him over the ocean. Such a pretty sight, Snugs enjoys the beauty of the lights but also feels homesick. He wishes he was home, playing in the snow. If only the ice was not melting and the iceberg would be as big as it used to be.

Then, just as things could not get worse for Snugs, a cruise boat sees the poor little snow bear on his melting iceberg. Is he dangerous? If the captain saves the bear, will he eat all the salmon aboard? Or even worse, the people? The passengers are afraid until the two moose speak up for their little friend.  They tell everyone how loveable and cuddly Snugs is. Snugs is their friend and he needs saving! Will Snugs be allowed on the cruise ship? Look at this picture and tell me!

Snugs the Snow Bear - Suzy Davies - Book Picture

Have you seen it? How the two moose helped poor little Snugs aboard the ship? That is wonderful! Snugs is saved and so pleased to be out of the water! Do you know that Snugs may sit at the Captain’s table? That is an honour indeed! Snugs becomes friends with James and Carla, two children who were at first a bit afraid of him, but now love the friendly little bear. There are also the two moose who are determined to keep their little bear friend safe.

Now Snugs is ready to enjoy many adventures leading him to Iceland where he discovers the geysers – they are like huge fountains. From there the journey goes on towards England to a lighthouse on the Isle of Wight. There he will have such fun! Also, he will find the perfect present for Santa Claus to give him. There is a sleigh ride in the snow, and, would you like to know more? Now that is for you to find out!

My Thoughts

Snugs is a lovely bear you just want to cuddle and hold. The story starts with Snugs, sitting on that iceberg floating away from his home. Is it Snugs’ own doing? Although he feels very lonely, he loves to have adventures. The book wants to capture everything: the loveable snow bear, environmental issues, interesting facts about the places Snugs visits. However admirable this is, sometimes the information gets ‘snowed under’ (had to use the metaphor) by not fully explaining them on a child’s level. For instance, when Crystal uses a ‘recyclable paper bag’ we learn what it means but Snug then uses the term ‘Eco-friendly’. I can imagine a child not understanding why an item is addressed by two different names.

Having said that, I heartily commend the idea of making children aware of the environment and how to help, even on their level. We can all make an impact, however small, it is important that children grow up appreciating nature and respecting others and the environment. Snugs the Snow Bear shows children how to make a difference and contribute to protecting our earth by, for instance, exchanging goods for goods. That is very admirable and the message is brought to the children in a lovely, playful manner, which is great. The awesome colourful drawings enhance the lovely feel of this delightful book! Perfect for five- to nine-year-olds. Just one more thing: I love the ending.

About the Author

Suzy Davies Author Image

Suzy Davies is a British-born writer, born in Reading. Her first children’s book, Snugs The Snow Bear, has been read by world-famous World Animator, Sheila Graber, of “Paddington” fame, and the animator of the great Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” who approached the author and read the first version of Snugs before it was published. Animator and Author may well collaborate in the future! Suzy brings a wealth of experience, including a background in teaching English and Literacy, to her authorship and she draws on her own childhood, as well as her fertile imagination when writing her colourful characters. Suzy Davies loves to read and to cook. She likes to get out among nature and enjoys walking nature trails, strolling along the beach and going boating on Florida’s lakes. She also likes to visit towns where she goes mall shopping or to a music gig.

Book Info

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 Paperback   60 pages
 Publisher   Snow Leopard Publishing (3 Dec. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1944361421
 ISBN-13   978-1944361426

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