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St. Benet’s – David Blake

To start a book with a Bible quote AND a deceitful priest with sinful intention – I hate him! – that’s a daring choice and it gets even better when Satan comes into the equation and a priest is ritually murdered .. that’s when it gets intriguing, chilling, and exciting!

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Detective Tanner Murder Mystery #2

About the Book

A girl thrown from a church tower, a man sacrificed to Satan, and a priest murdered at the hands of the Devil.

When the body of an old man is found lying in the ruins of St Benet’s Abbey, his throat cut, a knife resting in his open hand, DI John Tanner and DC Jenny Evans are given no choice but to accept a ruling of death by misadventure. 

But when the body goes missing from its tomb, after a priest is found nailed to a cross, and another impaled on a stake, everything begins to point back to the murder of a teenage girl, thrown from the top of a church tower, some forty-three years before.

Detective Tanner Murder Mystery Series: 
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#2 St. Benet’s
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My Thoughts

Wow, what a sinister opening of St. Benet’s! An ominous ending of a scene, set in 1976. All I could think of was that poor girl. Oh, and … if only I could get my hands on him! But then we start in chapter one with the happy couple and if you have read the first book in the series, Broadland, you’ll know who I refer to!

For anyone who hasn’t read Broadland, the first two chapters are a brief introduction to the characters and settings of the Norfolk Broads, which means St. Benet’s can be read perfectly as a stand-alone. We are even brought up to speed with the latest: a new DCI, James Forrester.

Is it a coincidence DI John Tanner and PC Jennie Evans visit a church on their day off? Would you believe the horrific discovery the next day on St Benet’s Abbey’s altar? Underneath the cross lies a man, throat cut. A satanic ritual? Murder or suicide?

With rites, a secret cult, sacrifices, murders, and John Tanner being his usual tactful self, the investigations go far from smoothly … Add to this all the strained relationship between Tanner and a few people, including his new boss, to which Tanner’s interrogation of the Bishop of Norfolk does nothing to release the tension, this is a controversial, shocking, gripping new instalment in the Detective Tanner Murder Mystery Thriller series!

About the Author

David Blake is a full-time author living in North London. To date, he has written fourteen books along with a collection of short stories.

When not writing, David likes to spend his time mucking about in boats, often in the Norfolk Broads, where his crime fiction books are based.

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Book Info

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PublisherBlack Oak Publishing Ltd (26 Jun. 2019)
ISBN (paperback)9781097466313
ASIN (ebook)B07Q47T1K3

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