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Strategy – Anita Waller

Following the devastating events of ’34 Days’, Mark does his best to raise his son and daughter whilst reconnecting with his father, but then his world collapses once again…


If you have read ’34 Days’ you know what happened – why Anna walked out of her 30-year marriage and her luxurious life. Only then did she find out what had been going on and that she was not the only one living a lie. Now, somehow, the loose ends have to be tied up. Someone is planning a dangerous strategy…


Mark and his two children, Adam and Grace, are putting their lives back on track and Mark is only too happy to be establishing a good relationship with his father. This is entirely reciprocated and, despite his feelings of sorrow and loss, his father is welcoming the chance to be a grandfather. If only .. But he knows better than to wish for the impossible. As Mark’s business is booming, his father steps in to help with Adam and Grace. Their lives seem comfortably settled now, until that fateful day when Grace tells them she spotted her mother outside their school. Will Jennie try to come back into their lives, despite the warnings and the consequences?

Jennie knows, Mark has the evidence needed to put her away for a long time and she is desperate to get it back. She has her strategy all worked out and the plan seems flawless, but then things start falling apart. Feelings get in the way and, just when she thinks she has it all worked out, fate strikes with devastating consequences. Meanwhile, the family, even though they feel closer than in the past, is divided as they try to make sense of what happened (34 Days). When secrets are kept and evidence is hidden, evidence not known to most, it makes you wonder just how close the family really is. Are they able to face the truth together or will they, as in the past, fall out? When evil strikes with a vengeance how will it end?

My Thoughts 

I loved ’34 Days’ and could not wait for the sequel! ‘Strategy’ is all I could have asked for – and more! I loved how the family pulls together and reunites – something good coming from the tragic events in ’34 Days’. But, at the same time, the closeness of the family is deceptive as the truth is left unspoken. Anita Waller has skillfully created the different characters within the family, giving insight into their interaction and, thus, providing us with much-needed answers to the questions we were left with after ’34 Days’. Although a few connections were in my eyes too coincidental and I hated what happened, this did not detract from the storyline. ‘Strategy’ is an entertaining and intriguing psychological thriller, best to dive into straight after ’34 Days’, but it can be read as a stand alone.

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About the Author 

Anita Waller Author Image

After a life of being a patchwork tutor, British author Anita Waller has found her métier in her lifelong hobby: writing. Her genre: murder and psychological thrillers.  ‘Angel’ (May 2016 – my review) is Anita Waller’s second psychological thriller,  the sequel to her 2015 debut novel ‘Beautiful’. Each novel can be read as a stand-alone.

Book Info 

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Paperback  244 pages
 Publisher  Bloodhound Books (31 July 2017)
 ISBN  978-1912175482
 eBook  997 KB (10 August 2017)

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