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Strip Naked and Re-Dress with Happiness – Maria Hocking

The concept of this self-help book is to make an impact on the way you envision your life. The author encourages you to find your true source of happiness.


The birth of a second child, both of your children healthy and born within a happy marriage, should be one of the happiest times of your life. As it turns out, it is not: Maria finds out she is losing more and more hair and after a long investigation and many visits to her GP the diagnosis is set: she has alopecia. What seems plain horrible is, in fact, a turning point to redefine herself. In order to do that she has to strip naked – peel off her existing self-perceptions, listen to her inner thoughts as well as her heart, and re-emerge with her new understanding of her true and newfound self.


Getting naked is about losing yourself to find yourself.” That is the author’s guideline and starting point. For the author, it was the loss of hair and diagnosis of alopecia that forced her to strip naked to find her true self behind the ‘clothes’ – the mask we put up every day facing the outside world That person needs to connect to her inner being and start listening to what her body and mind need. I say her because the author is female but of course, this is also applicable for men as is clearly shown in later chapters. To know who you are and what your path to happiness is, you have to be willing to strip naked, to remove all the layers you have so carefully built all those years. Only then, when you are one with your inner self can you start rebuilding yourself, or to stay in line with the book, go to the dressing room and re-dress. Only when you are totally naked you can start reshaping and redefining yourself and truly understand what makes you happy.

My Thoughts

This is not my typical read and I sometimes had difficulty as, in the end, we have to find our own way in life and what is effective for one could be wrong for another. For instance, the ‘not using medicine’ attitude is non-applicable when there is no alternative (for instance life-threatening disease). Also, the author has the advantage of living comfortably, enabling her to study and pursue career changes with the full support of her family and friends. My personal experience tells me, that (not) having these circumstances makes a huge difference. That is why some of the advice given feels remote to me. 

That having said, the author has found an entertaining way of interchanging her theories with touching real-life stories and insights into human nature. Strip Naked and Re-Dress with Happiness is a well-written enjoyable read with original chapter titles. The ‘strip naked and re-dress’ theme is the red line and I am impressed by the author’s achievements and her way of getting through the difficult times.  That is very appealing and therein lies the strength of her self-help novel. I was touched by her Final Words – they were very moving and I found them wonderfully inspiring.

About the Author

Maria Hocking Author Image

Maria Hocking is a coach, inspirational speaker and author. Her passion is to change lives with words, be it writing, speaking, or coaching. She has a coaching practice in South West England but her work takes her all over the UK. The author also works in schools and businesses, motivating, inspiring and coaching. She continually tops up her skills by surrounding herself with the world’s best coaches, and never tires of updating her skills and knowledge. She considers herself to be somewhat of a ‘happiness professional‘. Having been through various challenging times, she has had to rebuild her life on more than one occasion, but every experience has been an opportunity to dig deeper and find more happiness as a result. In her own words, she “feels privileged to be able to help others with her knowledge.”

Book Info

 Paperback   208 pages
 Publisher   Practical Inspiration Publishing (30 Nov. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10   1910056448
 ISBN-13  978-1910056448

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