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Suspended Retribution – Rob Ashman

An ominous insight into a killer’s mind, a murder disguised as a hit-and-run, an investigation leading nowhere and a competitive colleague, and on top of that a private life she needs to get in order… Roz Kray has her hands full in ‘Suspended Retribution,’ the captivating third instalment in the DI Rosalind Kray detective series!


“My past is an armour I cannot take off, no matter how many times you tell me the war is over.”

DI Rosalind Kray #3

There is every need for me.” Who says this and why? What are their plans? It sounds ominous! DI Rosalind Kray acting DCI we should say – is called to a hit-and-run. But as soon as she examines the scene and discovers the blood spatters, “the scars across her back began to tingle,” a sure indication of something being off. Roz is not mistaken: this is murder most foul. The victim is a known criminal which makes the list of his enemies pretty long and an elaborate task for Roz, DS Duncan Taverner, and their team.

For Dan Bagley, there is only one obvious suspect, much to Roz’ annoyance. She hoped he’d be back in Manchester by now… Whilst we are witness to gruesome and pivotal war events in a man’s past, we also see him observant in the present and wonder who he is, this tormented and fucked up human being you can’t help feeling sorry for but who at the same time has no trouble following his vengeful plan. Will Roz and her team get to him before it is too late? Before murder comes too close to home?

My Thoughts

Wow and wow! Love it! After the pretty gruesome murders in This Little Piggy (thank you, Rob Ashman!), this third book is the next in the same series but also feels completely different. The author has gone through a lot of trouble and research to paint an impressive portrait of his killer, tormented by the atrocities of war. This craftily and cleverly construed novel is a detective thriller, yes, but also makes us aware of how traumatic events can change our perspective on the world we live in. Not to mention the influence of it on someone’s life. Fascinating and insightful, this tormented soul whom you cannot but also feel sorry for, portrayed by the author.

I loved reconnecting with Roz Kray, so hoped she would get her life back together – I’ve grown to love Roz and, knowing what she has been through, seeing how she struggles to pick up her life, you cannot but hope that she will succeed. I will not mention more but let’s just say there are good times and frustrating ones, with disappointment and development that keep the reader interested! Want to know more? Read Rob Ashman’s gripping, insightful, emotive crime thriller, ‘Suspended Retribution’ – a detective novel with that perfect mix of police procedural and the personal life of the detectives – this time also with a fascinating insight into PTSD.

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About the Author

Rob Ashman Author Image

Rob Ashman is a British author, originally from Wales but since twenty years now living in North Lincolnshire with his wife and two daughters. Rob worked, as most Welsh Valley boys did, in a coal mine before entering University. He worked in a variety of consulting jobs until he finally decided to ‘listen to the voices in his head’ and start his writing career. The story of ‘Mechanic’ is a book that somehow was stuck in his head for almost twenty-five years; when, due to personal circumstances, Rob had to take a three-months leave to care for his parents, writing down the story in his head became his way of coping. The result of four years of writing: the birth of ‘The Mechanic Trilogy’ a thrilling crime series.

Book Info

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Pages  256
Publisher  Bloodhound Books (08 Sept 2018)
ISBN (paperback)  9781912604722
ASIN (e-book)  B07H4YKWW3

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