• The Detriment - David Videcette - Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    The Detriment – David Videcette

    Detective Jake Flannagan returns in this intricately woven story of bombings, murder, arms deals and espionage implicating British Intelligence Introduction Detective Jake Flannagan #2 In the exciting second instalment in the Detective Jake Flannagan Series, we find Jake more vulnerable than ever. He has to work under a man who still bears a grudge against Jake for sleeping with his girlfriend (now his wife). Jake’s ex-wife is charged with reckless driving but there is something fishy about it all and on top of that, Jake’s on/off girlfriend Claire drags him with her into illegal actions with far-reaching consequences. Add to this the temptation of alcohol and attractive women and it…

  • Blind Side - Jennie Ensor Book Cover

    Blind Side – Jennie Ensor

    Set against London’s summer of terror this novel explores topics as racism, stalking and the love between Georgie and her Russian lover Nikolai. Introduction When Georgie realises her best friend Julian is in love with her, she cannot but ease back on the friendship, something Julian does not take lightly. Is it a coincidence that she ends up in a place she has never been before and meets the dark Russian Nikolai, an illegal immigrant, with his charming smile but sad eyes? Theirs is a love affair clouded by his disturbing past fighting as a Russian soldier in Chechenia. Then there is Julian, who has trouble letting go. This all…