• Tremarnock Summer - Emma Burstall - Book Cover

    Tremarnock Summer – Emma Burstall

    When Bramble inherits a country estate in Tremarnock, she makes the radical decision to exchange her city life for that of the lady of the manor … Introduction Tremarnock #3 The small Cornish seaside village of Tremarnock, where everyone knows everyone else, is the location of  Polgarry Manor where Lord Penrose lived until he died. Now that he has passed, his granddaughter Bramble inherits his estate. Bramble is perfectly happy living in London suburbia with her parents and her boyfriend, Matt. No way she is going to Cornwall, surely not. To complicate matters, her father is determined she must not go as he hated him for what he did to…

  • The Hidden Legacy by GJ Minett Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    The Hidden Legacy – GJ Minett

    A fascinating psychological thriller where a horrific event evolves into a complex tale of tragedy, friendship, parental love and redemption. Introduction An eleven-year-old boy bullied by two girls decides to get revenge by setting fire to them in the school’s playground. One lives heavily burned, the other, Julie, dies.  A reporter, relentless in his search for the father of the boy who had gone into hiding after the trial. The reporter needs both father and son to complete his story about the boy’s cruelty. A divorced woman with two children, receiving an inheritance from an old lady she has never met before: a beautiful Cotswold cottage. Why should someone she does…