• Judge Walden Back in Session - Peter Murphy - Book Cover

    Judge Walden Back in Session – Peter Murphy

    Judge Charles Walden resides at Bermondsey Crown Court and in this second book in the Walden of Bermondsey series, he presents us with five cases – and so much more! From his copious and many dinners with his spouse, invariably mentioned as ‘the Reverent Mrs Walden’, to the inner court dealings and the ‘Grey Smoothies’ in this humorous, sometimes sarcastic, but always informative as to the depths of human nature, insightful and delicious book! Introduction Walden of Bermondsey #2 Bermondsey, the London-based town, has its own court with Judge Charles Walden in residence. With our beloved judge, what can go wrong? Apparently, quite a number of things. The five cases…