• Drift Stumble Fall - M. Jonathan Lee - Book Cover

    Drift Stumble Fall – M. Jonathan Lee

    Two neighbours across the street – each trapped in their own world. Each craving for the other’s life – envying the other judging by appearances. One’s shocking truth is revealed to us, the reader. The other’s less shocking but still far-reaching plans… Drift Stumble Fall, the new atmospheric, dark, and captivating novel by M. Jonathan Lee. “There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” – Aldous Huxley Introduction  “‘I love you,’ she says. Sometimes, I feel she does.” All he craves for is “a new beginning.” This is it – this is the gorge between Richard Brown’s daily life and inner thoughts.…

  • My Sweet Friend - Helene Leuschel - Book Cover

    Novella | My Sweet Friend – Helene Leuschel

    ‘My Sweet Friend’ is a captivating novella drawing you into the lives of two women, Rosie and Alexa. Each from their perspective, they narrate a story of manipulation and intrigue… Introduction When new girl Alexa comes into the office, Rosie feels inspired by her buoyant behaviour, by her elegant style and the way Alexa presents herself to her new colleagues. What attracts Rosie most, is that underneath that cool and efficient exterior, Alexa shows an insecurity which makes her, in Rosie’s eyes, human and loveable. No wonder Rosie does her best to show Alexa around and help her where she can. So why does the story start with a burned-out…