• Ladies' Day - Sarah Barton - Book Cover
    Women's Fiction

    Ladies’ Day – Sarah Barton

    Come with me to Pelthams, the Manchester department store with its fading glory where nothing is what it seems and many a secret is kept… Ladies’ Day is Sarah Barton’s fascinating, entertaining and enchanting debut novel that touches your heart and brings both a smile to your face and a tear to your eyes. I love it! Introduction It is May and whilst her mother keeps nagging at her, Amanda is examining her metal box which “held every penny that she had been able to squirrel away” for the past two months. Clearly, she is preparing for something but as to what, we have no idea. ‘They” will be here soon – Marianne, Hayley, and Jane. Four ladies,…

  • The Seasiders - A.J. Griffiths-Jones - Book Cover
    Women's Fiction

    The Seasiders – A.J. Griffiths-Jones

    That little seaside town you love to visit in summer – have you ever wondered what that charming bookshop owner or the lovely landlady really feel about all their visitors? How they live both during the vibrant summers and quiet winters? Follow me and find out…  Introduction  ‘Amazing Grace’ is Grace Thomas, owner of the Sandybank Guest House, overlooking the seafront in this charming little coastal town. Grace is an excellent host and, truth be told, she pretty much handles all things by herself. Her husband, Dick, does what he can but seeing as he loves to relax, takes years to construct a patio and wanders off in the afternoon, you…

  • Zenka - Alison Brody - Book Cover

    Zenka – Alison Brodie

    Combine a London mobster with a feisty Hungarian pole-dancer, a soft-hearted male nurse and many more crazy, likeable, over-the-top characters et voilà you have ZENKA: a quirky, dark, and romantic comedy.  Introduction  What have a London mobster by the name of Jack Murray, an exotic Hungarian pole-dancer named Zenka, a soft-hearted male nurse Nicholas, Trevor, a frustrated accountant and a couple of tough guys in common? And there is more… For instance, Jack never knew he had a son but sort of adopted a psychopath, Lloyd, a sadistic low life whose Jaguar is now owned by Nicholas! A script, heading for disaster. Zenka does everything she can to direct Jack…

  • Wide Awake Asleep - Louise Wise - Book Cover

    Wide Awake Asleep – Louise Wise

    An intriguing and fascinating paranormal novel about a woman, Julie, on a journey through time to relive and understand what happened in her past…  Introduction  It is the year 2016 and Julie counts the time before she can leave her mother – these obligatory visits to the nursing home to a mother who cannot stop grumbling about a father Julie adored, are killing her. Julie has always blamed her mother for her father moving out and her subsequent years in care. Despite everything, now Julie’s mother’s health, both physical and mental, is deteriorating Julie feels she has to provide for her mother’s nursing home although discussing the past is no…

  • Contemporary,  Romance

    Granny with Benefits – Marilyn Bennett

    When Grace’s grandmother dies, she dresses up as one herself. Little does she know that in doing so, a lovely pensioner falls for her – and his cousin Dale is .. a Hol according to Grace – Heaven on Legs! Introduction  Grace tries to feel what it is like to dress up as her deceased grandmother when suddenly, a visitor appears at her grandmother’s door. A man by the name of Dale comes to check out the place for his father. Before their conversation is over, Grace is drooling all over him and has renamed him HoL: Heaven on Legs! But things get a bit complicated when HoL’s Uncle, Bob,…

  • The Deja Vu House - Doug Simpson - Book Cover

    The Déjà Vu House – Doug Simpson

    The Déjà Vu House is a romantic novel with a paranormal thread, full of detailed descriptions. Most of all, the book is about the love between Pam and Vic.  Introduction Pam is living in the house she grew up in, in the town she has lived for most of her life. Vic has moved away – he was a few classes above her in high school. Somehow their paths cross once again and now neither of them wants to say goodbye this time. They start following their dreams. Storyline When Pam is scrolling on the internet she finds a Twitter account of a man she had a secret crush on…

  • Romance

    Caught Up in Us – Lauren Blakely

    – This book contains explicit sexual content – Valentine’s Day is coming close and what better time to read a sexy contemporary novel! Caught Up in Us is the perfect book for romantics and lovers!  Introduction Caught Up in Love #1 Kat found in Bryan the love of her life at the age of 17 during a sizzly summer romance, in between High School and University. The love Kat feels is so strong that it defines her life from now on. The ensuing broken heart turns out to be an inspiration of creativity to shape Kat’s future. Storyline Kat is 17 when she first meets her brother’s friend Bryan. For…

  • Charlie and Pearl - Tammy Robinson - Book Cover

    Charlie and Pearl – Tammy Robinson

    A beautiful modern-day poignant love story where Charlie and Pearl take the reader with them into their thoughts and dreams … Introduction I’m touched and overwhelmed after reading this modern-day love story. It is beautiful and poignant and whilst I loved reading it a part of me wished I never had. Pearl is heartbroken after a love affair gone wrong. She flees to her grandmother’s beach house and it is there she meets Charlie: although of the same age he is of an innocence Pearl has not seen before. Charlie works in the local bookstore and lives with his mother. He is sweet and romantic and falls for Pearl the…

  • Romance

    Never Again – Nicky Clifford

    Never Again is a touching romantic story about Harriet and Philippe, who have come to the beautiful Swiss Alps to mend their broken hearts. … Introduction Never Again – that is what Harriet told herself fleeing her life in England. Never Again would she be hurt or betrayed. Now it is time to heal, to become whole. Never Again – would Philippe be doing what he loved most. Never Again would he allow superficiality to reign his heart  – gone as soon as he was injured. The Swiss Alps, a perfect place for restoring his inner peace, to work in anonymity on the task before him. How would they know that you…

  • Romance

    The Flower Seller – Ellie Holmes

    When her husband William wants to divorce after more than 20 years marriage, Jessie is devastated. Until she meets Owen and recognises a fellow pearl diver Introduction You can never have too many books for the holidays – whether you’re settling in on the beach or on a balcony, overlooking the ocean –  ready to be swept away by romance while you relax. Someone who is not comfortable with her life at this moment is Jessie. After a 21-year marriage, her husband William has fallen in love with a younger woman. Jessie is shocked, they have an 18-year old daughter Hannah, who just left for University, they are both solicitors at the…