• A Whiff of Cyanide - Guy Fraser-Sampson - Book Cover
    Detective, Mystery & Thriller

    A Whiff of Cyanide – Guy Fraser-Sampson

    A Crime Writers Convention – famous authors falling out – a drink spiked with cyanide right under the nose of Hampstead’s Detective Sergeant Karen Willis … Introduction The Hampstead Murders #3 Hampstead, gracious and atmospheric, has the honour to house a Crime Writers Convention, normally held in Bristol. Some authors want readers to attend, others, like Ann Durham, are reluctant to mingle with the public. There is more: psychologist Peter Collins, obsessed with Golden Age Detectives, on the verge of his book being published, has been invited to attend as a guest speaker. Detective Sergeant Karen Willis, his girlfriend, will accompany him. Oh, did I mention the two of them and Detective…