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Talisman – David Evans

 A secret society, dark actions, violence, life threats and murder .. DS Colin Strong and journalist Bob Souter find themselves in danger when investigating..


The Wakefield Series #3

 The third book in ‘The Wakefield Series’ is simply the best. Where each of the three books of the series can be read as a stand-alone for me, it is a great build up from Trophies (Book #1) and Torment (Book #2) to this third book. It is excellently written, contains a strong and fascinating plot with all the characters we have grown to love. The best friends Bob Souter the journalist and Colin Strong, the DCI, have got their jobs cut out for them, as an apparent suicide is followed by a murder and influential people are involved. The year is 2001 …


On August 16th (2001) a hooded man is in a position which none would envy. He can smell the burn but there is no escape. Six weeks earlier, DI Colin Strong has been told his promotion to DCI will not come through, the more disappointing there a “fast track high-flyer” is appointed instead. As if that is not enough, his DS Kelly Stainmore looks unwell but refuses to say why and both Strong and DC Luke Ormerod worry about her. When a body. dead for over a year, is found in a bathtub it appears to be a suicide but Stainmore is not satisfied with that explanation. The woman in the bathtub has been a cleaning lady and her dearest wish was to undergo a gender operation. Somewhere else in Wakefield, Belinda feels unhappy about her life with husband Charles Chamberlain and she misses their former intimacy. Belinda wants to know what Charles is secretive about and finds out he owns another house.

After confronting Charles with this property, she suspects he is evasive and Belinda decides to investigate. Little does she know that in doing so she not only unleashes violence in her husband towards her but also unchains a series of events leading to a secret society. It involves influential people and culminates in more violence and even murder. Meanwhile, journalist Bob Souter’s instincts are aroused when an anonymous caller informs him about a retail park development by Kenny Brogan, owner of Thistle Developments. Souter has no idea that this call will endanger both him as well as his friends Susan and Sammy (two characters we have met in the previous book in the series). As Stainmore is still investigating the bathtub death, the CID team is set upon a series of burglaries. Then there is the murdered hooded man we know about but the CID is yet unaware of. Soon Souter and Strong will once again cooperate to solve the case.

My Thoughts

Follow Bob Souter and his girlfriend Alison, their friends Susan and Sammy and the Wakefield CID team with Colin Strong, Kelly Stainmore and the others into yet another captivating read. David Evans has written a fascinating crime novel and you can see how he felt inspired by his characters – his creations – appearing in the book. Will they all survive? Will there be another detective in ‘The Wakefield Series’, originally set out as a trilogy? There are so many possibilities, characters I’m not ready to give up yet, that I would love to see the series expand more!

Talisman’ is the third book in ‘The Wakefield Series’. As I said earlier the three books in the series can very well be read as stand-alones however, I would recommend reading the first two, ‘Trophies’ and ‘Torment’ before starting this third book in the series.

The Wakefield series:
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About the Author

David Evans

David Evans is a Scots-born writer who found his true love as well as his inspiration for this detective series in Wakefield. Having written all his life, in 2012 he decided to go for it – successfully as the next year, in 2013, he was awarded as a CWA Debut Dagger Shortlist novelist.

Book Info

Talisman is available from Amazon: getbook.at/Talisman

Pages 335
 Publisher Orchard View Publications (1 Nov. 2018)
ASIN (ebook) B07JBYJBQ9

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