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Termination – Richard T. Burke

Decimation Trilogy #2

Book Blurb

Antimone Lessing returns in book two of the ground-breaking Decimation trilogy

Nearly twenty years after the Orestes virus swept across the earth, finally there is hope. Women are no longer dying within seconds of giving birth. For the first time in two decades, the global population is on an upward trend.

As the world returns to normal, Antimone is back on the athletics track and a single race away from achieving her lifetime goal of winning the Olympic 1500-metre Wheelchair gold medal.

But a deadly new threat has emerged, one that could reverse the fragile recovery and spell the end of humanity’s time on the planet. Could Antimone’s unique biology once again provide the vital clue to develop a cure?

When the details of her past become exposed, ruthless forces prepare an audacious plan to kidnap the first woman in a generation to survive childbirth. Now, the only hope for her survival and that of her young family may rest with the one person she trusts least in the world.

My Thoughts

Termination is book two in the Decimation Trilogy but to me, it was the first of the series to read. Yes, there are links to the previous book but it’s very easy to pick up, and the author has written a little introduction for those who want to know the background story. I read it but did not need it to be fully gripped by this thriller.

It’s exciting and shocking and horrific – Richard Burke paints a (near) future we can, alas, too easily envision now, after a year of lockdown … The author’s virus is not Covid-19, it only affects pregnant mothers who inevitably die after childbirth. The world is racing to find a solution and, just like with the current vaccine distribution, not all countries receive a possible cure.

One country in particular is on world’s blacklist: the Republic of North Africa. The way they treat their women as second-rate citizens and baby machines is appalling. The UK is not going to stand for it and has denied all help until the country’s dictator, Mullah Awad, changes this. Now, Awad faces a major crisis: the pregnant women cause children’s deaths.

Awad has come up with a scheme: to kidnap Rosalind, who created the virus and the solution, her (adopted) son, Jason, his girlfriend, the first woman who lived through childbirth, Antimone, and their little son, Paul. They will provide the answer to a new vaccine or serum. After that, they are no longer essential to Awad’s plans…

Richard Burke’s writing style is engaging and draws the reader right in. He has created his characters in such a way that you can even sympathise with the baddies – only occasionally! And some of them are on a whole other level of evil, those people you cannot empathise with!

I was a bit hesitant at first, after having been introduced to so many characters at once before starting the first chapter. But by the end of Chapter one, there was no going back. I was intrigued and wanted to read more about Antimone and her predicament. And the poor children in North Africa… horrific. I had to find out what would happen – how it would end.

The author gives us protagonists to love and puts old enemies opposite each other and it makes for a fascinating read and a hell of a thriller. Well-written, gritty, fast-paced and gripping – to be recommended!

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About Richard T. Burke

Richard T. Burke is the author of crime thrillers with a twist. He also contributed short stories to anthologies by Bloodhound Books and Corona Books.

Richard lives with his wife, Judith, and daughter, Emily, in the village of Rotherwick in north-east Hampshire, UK.

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Termination is available at Amazon

Pages              295
Publisher          RJNE Books(16 May 2021)
IBAN (paperback)   9781916141711
ASIN (e-book)      B0917MPBV2

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