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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Abattoir of Dreams – Mark Tilbury

 What a mind-blowing read this psychological thriller is! Mark Tilbury takes you on a disturbing journey through the gates of hell of a man’s shocking past


Wow, this book has blown me away! The story is incredibly hard to read and my thoughts kept coming back to the poor children in Woodside Children’s Home and its devastating impact on their future. How can you trust anyone after what Michael and Liam have been through? Due to tragic circumstances, they are deprived of their parents at a young age and from then on their lives spiral downwards on a rollercoaster to hell. In the present, Michael Tate is lying in hospital and has no recollection of his past. One thing is clear – he is said to have brutally stabbed his girlfriend Becky to death before attempting to kill himself by jumping off the roof of their flat. Now he is paralysed from the waist down and powerless against Detective Carver’s callous behaviour.


Michael Tate is lying in hospital and has no idea what happened. He completely lost his memory, very conveniently according to Detective Inspector Carver who does not believe any of it. Michael is as guilty as can be of the vicious murder on Becky, his girlfriend, whom he supposedly stabbed 21 times. Carver is convinced Michael is the killer, hence the formal arrest at the end of their first conversation in hospital. Michael is confused and scared to death – but even worse things are about to happen when he tries to fall asleep: he is transported out back in time through the emergency door in his room but that is impossible. Are these his memories or is it real? “Do you think anyone gives a shit about you?” is what he hears – why does he relive his childhood years and what is happening to him? Michael can offer no logical explanation and is in a terrible state of terror, even more so because he knows for sure Carver will be back.

Whilst Michael lies in hospital, he knows he is relatively safe from DI Carver who cannot wait to transport him to prison where he belongs. There he will receive a fitting punishment for cruelly slaughtering his girlfriend. If you think Michael has a nice time in hospital – think again. Every night he vividly dreams leaving through the closed emergency door to a place in the past and the horrors that lie hidden there. His mother’s death, his father’s imprisonment and him entering the Woodside Children’s Home, supposedly a safe refuge for children deprived of a family. Reliving the past is agonising; Michael has no idea why he feels he is going through a closed door or why his mother’s words seem engraved on it. Is it his imagination or are the recurring disturbing dreams telling him something? During the day, only nurse Emily is sympathetic and there is but one person believing in his innocence who he can trust to tell about the events in his nightmares: his friend Jimmy.

Michael’s mind is filled with images of another friend, Liam, who he met in the Woodside Children’s Home and, slowly, he comes to realise the true horrors of his past and the hopelessness of the future he is about to face. “No one can hear you in the Abattoir of Dreams.” 

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My Thoughts

Mind-blowing, heartbreaking, thrilling! A gripping story that makes you feel confused and cold and utterly shaken with every succeeding detail of the dark secrets of the past unravelling. Including Liam, Michael’s friend in the home, for whom my heart bled. There are unimaginable horrors waiting for Michael and if he were not lying in hospital with only a long prison sentence in prospect one can imagine he would accept the memory loss gladly to avoid facing the truth. The author takes the reader with him through the gates of hell with no chance of escaping. There are two main protagonists: Michael Tate and DI Carver and their characters are excellently described as we, together with Michael, become entangled in the past. There were times when I struggled to continue but I had to know what would happen next. The Abattoir of Dreams is a dark and disturbing thriller that will haunt you turning your dreams into nightmares!

About the Author

Mark Tilbury Author Image

Mark Tilbury lives in a small village in the lovely county of Cumbria, although his books are set in Oxfordshire where he was born and raised.  After serving in the Royal Navy and raising his two daughters after being widowed, Mark finally took the plunge and self-published two books on Amazon, The Revelation Room and The Eyes of the Accused. He’s always had a keen interest in writing and is extremely proud to have his third novel, The Abattoir of Dreams, published by Bloodhound Books. When he is not writing, Mark can be found trying and failing to master blues guitar, and taking walks around the beautiful county of Cumbria.

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Book Info

Pages   334
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (28 Feb. 2017)
 ISBN (paperback)   9781912175010
ASIN (ebook)   B06WWJC61J


  • Jennie Ensor

    hmm, I’m not sure I’d want my dreams to be turned into nightmares… but each to her own

    • Caroline Vincent

      Ha you are right! Especially when you start in the evening .. and you do not want to go to sleep not knowing what will happen next! Very disturbing read – thoroughly rewarding when you hang in there!

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