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The Déjà Vu House – Doug Simpson

The Déjà Vu House is a romantic novel with a paranormal thread, full of detailed descriptions. Most of all, the book is about the love between Pam and Vic. 


Pam is living in the house she grew up in, in the town she has lived for most of her life. Vic has moved away – he was a few classes above her in high school. Somehow their paths cross once again and now neither of them wants to say goodbye this time. They start following their dreams.


When Pam is scrolling on the internet she finds a Twitter account of a man she had a secret crush on as a young girl. He, Vic, was the elder brother of her best friend Marcie. Eager as Pam is to find out if the man she sees is the Vic of her memories, she searches and finds him on Facebook. Only when her fluttering heart is able to calm down a bit is she ready to send him a message, to which he responds the same night. She invites him to stay over for the reunion weekend – a weekend in which Pam and Vic learn to know each other in the most intimate way. What follows is a love affair, passionate and full of promises for a future together. When Vic wants to show Pam a house he is considering buying something unexpected happens as Pam suddenly experiences flashbacks from a past lifetime. The story that we, the readers, witness developing before our eyes is not your typical love story and it becomes even more surreal when Pam meets house owner Olga.

My Thoughts

A romance, that is how Doug Simpson describes ‘The Déjà Vu House’ and it is a romantic tale. The romance is doubled when Pam arrives at the house Vic wants to buy and finds out something about herself she had never known nor dreamed of before. I expected Pam to be a shy little countrywoman, but she was pleasantly open in what she wants and how to get it (if you think this could have a double meaning – you are right). She is not an insecure wallflower who has waited for the love of her life, but a confident young woman not afraid to follow her heart and listen to her feelings. For me, there was too much detail in the story and had that been omitted, it would have made room for exploring further the subject of flashbacks to “past lifetimes” as mentioned in the dedication of the book. Having said that, the book was an easy read and had a sweet and romantic touch.

About the Author


Doug Simpson is a retired high school teacher who has dedicated his retirements years to writing. He writes nonfiction and fiction books. His first novel is the spiritual mystery series The Dacque Chronicles (2011 – 2016) consisting of five books. The nonfiction books Doug Simpson has written are The Soul of Jesus (2014) and We Lived in Atlantis (2016). In addition to that, the author has written magazine and website articles that are published all over the world. For all information on his books and articles, you can access his website or his Amazon author page.

Book Info

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 Paperback   176 pages
 Publisher   5 Prince Publishing (2 Nov. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  1631121774
 ISBN-13  978-1631121777

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