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The Hidden Island – Angela Corner

Detective Beckett lives on a beautiful Greek island. A woman goes missing – a murdered body washes ashore – is the criminal he caught years ago back? 


A man burying a body at sea, ensuring it will never surface. Years ago Detective Inspector Beckett Kyriakoulis captured a criminal who had hurt many young women. Beckett has seen evil in the eye during wars, but this case still haunts him. Now a young woman is missing and another one drifts ashore, murdered. Is Beckett Kyriakoulis imagining it, or are there similarities to the old case? Will Beckett again be confronted with his biggest nightmare, the Greek island of Farou once more a place where fear and anxiety rule? I love this intriguing and fascinating crime thriller!


Detective Inspector Beckett Kyriakoulis has seen it all: evil, men committing horrible crimes, murdered bodies. He’s back to stay on the beautiful Greek island of Farou, where his reputation is that of a hero. When British girl Emma goes missing, a week before her wedding, Beckett feels it’s nothing more than some pre-nuptial fun. But when another British girl, identified as Danni, washes up ashore, murdered, suddenly the island is tense. This cannot be happening to their holiday paradise, where most inhabitants earn their money in the tourist industry. Where Beckett’s superior is not happy with his seeming neglect of Emma’s missing person report, there is, even more, concern in British governmental circles. They fear Beckett has lost his grip on the situation, needs British Detective Inspector Harper to guide him. Beckett is left no choice but to accept the ‘assistance’ of DI Harper.

The fact that the presence of DI Harper is imposed upon the Greek administration as well as the police plus that he’s already on his way to Farou is perhaps not the best of a start. When Harper thinks Beckett is his taxi driver, even lets him take his luggage, it is clear the men start on the wrong foot. Then again Harper is very impressed when he finds out Beckett’s dad is a famous rock legend. Both men somehow have a troubled relationship with their fathers, but if you think they would bond over that, you’re mistaken. Harper is a loner, one who can cite the book of rules and who follows the evidence, nothing else. This in contrast to Beckett, whose gut feeling is telling him the similarities to the old case of serial rapist Chrystos are not a coincidence. Harper fears Beckett is losing it: he needs to make sure this case ends successfully to ensure his career will not be jeopardised.

When Bee, the only friend to take Danni’s disappearance seriously, decides to investigate herself, she gets lost. Mitchell Troy comes to her rescue, he brings her back into town and even sends her a new phone, as her old one is broken. Mitch is very friendly and Bee is grateful, but she senses Beckett does not like Mitch for one reason or another. What is going on between those men? And where is Emma? Beckett, even with Harper tagging along, is no closer to finding Danni’s murderer. There was a red car, a bracelet almost identical to the one Chrystos took from his victims. But Harper will not hear of it and feels Beckett needs watching as he is clearly too obsessed with the past and not at all focused on the present. Take the boyfriend Patrick for instance, who was very jealous and hated other men around Danni. And what about their neighbour Linus Sang who was in love with Danni?

My Thoughts

Angela Corner’s fascinating thriller is not only a crime novel, in which a detective and his team set out to find clues eventually leading them to a culprit, a murderer or criminal but much more. There are plot twists as well as people trying to deal with their past. It shows us the difficulty in relationships between fathers and their children, how expectancies and prejudices get in the way of bonding with family. Like Beckett and his father, who he feels failed him, and Harper, a constant disappointment to his father. Then there are those controlling others’ lives: can you escape such obsessive behaviour? Can people change? It’s all there in ‘The Hidden Island’ but most of all it’s an intriguing and thrilling read that keeps you hooked to the very last page, I loved the ending!

About the Author

Angela Corner Author Image

Angela Corner is a British author who did a Master’s Degree in Radio & TV Scriptwriting after being made redundant from a tax law career. She’s written scripts for Channel 4’s Hollyoaks, but her heart was in becoming a writer, a novelist. So, in her own words, the “lives of beautiful teenagers and angry cockneys were swapped for the murder and skullduggery of crime fiction.” Angela is a serial reader of crime fiction and historical novels and is an avid watcher of TV crime drama, particularly anything Scandinavian and everything dark.

Book Info

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 Paperback   272 pages
 Publisher   Bloodhound Books (29 Nov. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  0995621268
 ISBN-13   978-0995621268

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