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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Keresa Headdress – Larry D. Shackelford

An intriguing tale about a hidden treasure sets out with the case of a missing man ending up in murder, dodgy art deals and dark criminal behaviour! 


Something is hidden at Locomotive Rock in southern Utah – something worth killing for. There’s an ancient tale about a hidden treasure – a secret mystery about a mythical headdress in an old grave. But there is more – a woman desperate to get away from the Mormon community, a female FBI agent, a dodgy art dealer in Salt Lake City and a criminal called the ‘Art Man’ in Vancouver. And somehow they are all related. How? Find out for yourself.


Special agent Karen Adams of the Salt Lake City FBI bureau is furious when she has to investigate the case of a missing boyfriend as she feels her boss has again placed a minor case on her desk. The girlfriend of the missing man insists upon speaking to the FBI and once Karen enters his name in an international BOLO (Be On the Look Out) alert system the outcome is not what she expected: an outbreak of violence and repercussions, resulting in murders. Before she knows it, Karen witnesses an undercover operation going wrong in Vancouver because of undercover agent Lee Bergerman of the Canadian Police. Lee will assist Karen with the missing person’s case in Salt Lake City because somehow this is connected with the plundering of archaeological sites in southern Utah. These sacred sites are situated in Revenge Creek, near the city of Hildale. To complicate matters Hildale is a Mormon city, “one of Utah’s most famous polygamous cities.”

Hildale is where Ruth and her daughter Esther live. Ruth is passionate about archaeology and she loves to hike around the ancient ruins of Utah’s former inhabitants the Anasazi. If the leader of the commune would have permitted it, Ruth would have studied archaeology. Sadly he ordered her to become wife number 5 to an old man. Ruth dreams of a better future for her daughter and has no idea that soon, because of her love for archaeology, the perfect opportunity to escape will come. Karen decides she needs to know more about the Puebloans and their habitat to know what her case is all about and she takes us, the readers, with her to grad student archaeology Derek who works at the Utah National History Museum. Derek tells the enticing story of the ancient cults and artefacts and, more specifically, of the site near Hildare, where no one dares to go near for fear of being shot by members of the commune.

Derek has something more to tell: the fascinating legend of the Keresa Headdress. Oral traditions, brought through generations to this present day, speak of a holy shaman, named Keresa, in high esteem for his powers to heal the sick and perform miracles. Keresa was said to have been gifted an exquisite royal headdress, which he took to his grave. This is the magical treasure everyone hopes to find – but the location of the grave remains a mystery. Is it a coincidence that the missing man was last seen in the proximity of Hildale – where Keresa’s grave could lie? Before Karen can set the wheels of investigation in motion the girlfriend of the missing man is gruesomely tortured and murdered. Is the Keresa headdress worth torturing and killing for? And how is this connected to the Art Man in Vancouver? Will Karen ever find the thieves and murderers? Can Lee successfully attribute to the investigation? Where does Ruth come in?

My Thoughts

This easy to read and at times fast-paced thriller is fascinating and intriguing. How do you capture many storylines, interesting archaeological details and all sorts of criminal behaviour in one review? The author’s extensive knowledge of the historical facts and the Utah territory are intertwined with romance, a spot of childish behaviour and hard-core criminals. There is betrayal, kidnapping and on top of that involvement of international criminal organisations. The combination of gruesome murders and touching moments makes this thriller an extraordinary read.

About the Author


After retiring from his law enforcement career as a criminal investigator, working in several American states as well in foreign countries, American author Larry Shackelford decided to dedicate his life to writing. Now he is a bestseller author of adventure, romance, sci-fi, and crime novels. The sequel to ‘The Keresa Headdress’ is ‘The Reliquary, published in Oct 2016. Quincunx I‘ (Aug. 2016)  is a mixture of urban fantasy, sci-fi and romance. Also published in Oct 2016: The Cherubim Rosewood, a story of adventure and action.

Book Info

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 Paperback   314 pages
 Publisher   CreateSpace Independent Publishing  Platform (1 Sept. 2016)
 Language   English
 ISBN-10  153735857X
 ISBN-13  978-1537358574

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