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Detective, Mystery & Thriller

The Prodigal – Nicky Black

The Prodigal’ is a gripping Geordie thriller, featuring detective Lee Jamieson, set against the darker side of Newcastle – where the police dare not tread, fists rule the world, and protection comes with a price tag.

Valley Park #1


Detective Lee Jamieson would never have thought he’d voluntarily be back in Newcastle’s Valley Park. The place he escaped from years ago. Now he is a man on a mission. A man who has been denied the right to see – to know of – his now teenage daughter.

A man determined to make a difference to the people living in the criminal neighbourhood he grew up in. But somehow, upon meeting Nicola Kelly and her husband, Micky, Lee gets more personally involved than his boss would like.

When death and drugs take over, and every police involvement is met with opposition, Lee fights tooth and nail to make Valley Park a safer place to live. For everyone, including Nicola and her children. But at what cost?

The Valley Park Series:
#1 The Prodigal
#2 The Rave

My Thoughts

Wow! Having moved to Newcastle recently, I just had to read The Prodigal. Loved it! The scene is set when we, with Detective Lee Jamieson, arrive in Newcastle. He has been away for 16 years and with him, we (re)discover the city. At first, it felt he was a man seeking revenge – that was before I came to know Lee is a detective. Still, there was this undercurrent in his thoughts and actions that made me wonder…

I LOVE his character! What a man. He’s open, outspoken, and not afraid to speak his mind. He knows the Valley and no one can convince him otherwise. Frustrated by the attitude of both the police and his superior officer, Lee does his best to make a difference – yep, that’s the kind of protagonist I love! Like most detectives in novels these days, Lee has a somewhat difficult past but the way Nicky Black describe it feels fresh and different. and makes you empathise with him. His concern for the inhabitants of Valley Park is genuine and you can feel that this matters to the writer(s).

They show us that you can’t judge people by where they live – that you have to see them as individuals. Even the baddies have their good sides – as you will find out! I cannot divulge much more since I’d like you to soak up the atmosphere of the book for yourself.

There’s just one character I have to mention: Margie. I LOVE Margie. She’s such a strong character, always there for others, neglecting her own needs until… She reminded me a bit of myself when she realises that she doesn’t show people how to do things but does it for them. Which is not always a good idea!

The writing style is engaging and draws you right in. Even if you know at certain points how it will go – yet, it is described in such a way that you keep feeling intrigued. I could not close the book, not before I had finished it, not withstanding the late (early!) hour. A great read – I recommend it!

About the Authors

Nicky Black write gritty, North East fiction, full of drama, twists and turns. Geordie criminals divide and rule their territories with a mixture of fear, threats, and violence.

The Prodigal and The Rave are the result of a collaboration between two writers, Nicky and Julie. Julie’s TV and movie scripts have provided the blueprint for Nicky’s creation of these two novels, both set on the fictional Valley Park estate in Newcastle upon Tyne. Both Nicky and Julie have had careers working at the heart of disadvantaged communities in the North East of England, where they experienced the real grit and struggle of peoples’ every-day lives, as well as their humour and determination to lead a happy existence, whatever that meant to them.

Nicky was born and brought up in Alnwick in Northumberland and now lives in North Tyneside. Julie is a born and bred Geordie and still lives in the Toon.

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 Pages 306
 Publisher CreateSpace (8 July 2015)
 ISBN (paperback) 9781514816691
 ASIN (ebook) B010W0IE5A

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